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Confirm Daily Schedule
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Axomir
YOU: Do you have any tasks for me?
Axomir: It seems, Sir, you are just in time, as I am in need of a runner.
Axomir: It is very important that I manage my command post at all times; however, it seems that there are a few discrepancies in the schedule for today's shipments.
Axomir: I am in need of someone to confirm these times with the Vigesimi.
Axomir: I shall pay you for your work: do you think that you could be of help to me?
YOU: I would be happy to do this for you.
Axomir: Oh, that would be a great help.
Axomir: I have written a few notes on this schedule.
-Axomir pulls a piece of parchment out of his pocket, reads it quickly, and hands it to you.-
Axomir: Please go and give this directly to Vigesimi Allavium.
→ Go to Datal Allavium
YOU: Axomir asked me to deliver this since he is on duty and cannot leave his post.
Datal: Very dependable, that Axomir, with a good eye for detail.
Datal: He always catches even the slightest mistake.
Datal: He is perfect for the job of Captain of the Movers.
-Datal looks at the schedule in his hands.-
Datal: I see.
Datal: We have two shipments: one scheduled to go out and one scheduled to come in at the exact same time.
Datal: That is, of course, quite impossible to manage.
Datal: It looks as though he has a few changes marked as possibilities, and all of them are agreeable to me.
-Datal takes out some ink and begins to jot down a few notes. He then takes out a piece of sealing wax. Datal drips a few dots of wax on the paper, and approves the new schedule by sealing it with his signet ring.-
Datal: There, now kindly return this to Axomir and have him send word to Nalvys of the change in schedule.
→ Go to Axomir
YOU: Here is the revised schedule. Datal was quite impressed.
Axomir: Good, good, now things will run smoothly, as long as we stay on time.
Axomir: I must go, much to do.
Axomir: Thank you kindly for this…
Axomir: ah, but wait!
Axomir: Did Datal relay the changes to the Nalvys winch station or must I send word?
YOU: You need to inform the Nalvys winch station right away about the changes.
Axomir: I shall do that right away.
Axomir: Thank you, kind Klyros, for your help.
Axomir: Here are a few coins for your troubles.
Rewards: 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.