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Cooking Help for Reffitia
Required: Rank 20 Cooking.
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: Hi, is there anything you need help with?
Reffitia: It is always nice to see people interested in the art of cooking.
-Reffitia bustles about the kitchen.-
Reffitia: It seems that there is to be a large dinner party arriving soon and I do not have time to chat.
-Reffitia runs over to a pot that has begun to boil over and starts stirring it fiercely.-
Reffitia: Bumbling bogo peppers, not again!
Reffitia: It seems I am back at the beginning, and the party of travelers should be here shortly.
Reffitia: Could you help me here in the kitchen with some simple preparation work?
YOU: It would be my pleasure.
Reffitia: Splendid.
Reffitia: First let me see, do you have a kitchen knife that you can use?
YOU: Yes, I do.
Reffitia: Great, would you please cut these pungent tubers over on the preparation table?
-Reffitia gives you the tubers.-
Reffitia: I need the tubers to be diced, not minced.
Reffitia: Please be careful.
Reffitia: If you cut the tubers too small I could use one minced tuber, but please try to do as I've asked.
YOU: [You give Reffitia the diced tuber.]
Reffitia: Great.
Reffitia: Now I need a pot of boiling water.
Reffitia: Here, take this water and go put it on the stove in a pot.
Reffitia: Bring it back to me when it has come to a nice rolling boil.
YOU: Where do you want me to put the pot with boiling water?
-Reffitia carefuly takes the pot of water and adds a few seasonings to it.-
Reffitia: There, that should get it going.
Reffitia: That needs to sit for a little while.
Reffitia: Would you please take this meat over to the grill and cook it?
Reffitia: It shouldn't take too long.
Reffitia: It is important to grill it just long enough for the meat to cook through, but not too long, or else it becomes dry and tough, or even worse…burnt!
YOU: [You hand over the grilled meat.]
-Reffitia examines the steaks.-
Reffitia: These will do nicely, it seems that all will come together.
Reffitia: Oh goodness, it seems I almost forgot an important dish!
Reffitia: They love to have a mixed greens dish with a honey glaze topped with chopped nuts.
Reffitia: I must get the glaze going; could you please chop me up some mixed nuts?
-Reffitia goes over to the shelf and examines it. She rustles around a few jars and bottles.-
Reffitia: Here we go, one jar of mixed nuts.
Reffitia: Please take these mixed nuts, and cut them up please.
-Reffitia pours a bunch of nuts into your hand.-
YOU: Here are the chopped nuts as requested.
Reffitia: Thank you so much, YOU, you have been quite a help.
-Reffitia takes the chopped nuts from you and sprinkles them over the dish.-
Reffitia: Perfect.
-Reffitia looks around at the kitchen.-
Reffitia: Well, there is quite a bit of cleanup.
Reffitia: I had better get started.
Reffitia: When you have had twenty five or so total lessons in both baking and cooking, come back to me.
Reffitia: If Brado keeps this up I may be in need of an apprentice.
Reffitia: Your kitchen knife, it suits you, let it help you master the ways of the kitchen.
Reffitia: And if you haven't begun training with Jomed yet in Hydlaa, I'd suggest doing so.
Reffitia: He can teach you about making meats and stews.
-Reffitia takes some coins and hands it to you.-
Reffitia: Here is some tria for a job well done.
Rewards: 15 Faction with Food Association, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.