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Crystal Way Master Training
Required: Rank 100 Crystal Way, 2 Adept's Crystal Way Wands, 1 Apprentice's Crystal Way Wand, 1 Air glyph, 1 Cold glyph, 1 Death glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Govell Mihdren
YOU: Please except my proof of being a worthy student.
Govell: Welcome to masters training of the Crystal Way, YOU.
Govell: These next tests are not so much about training they are about making a name for your self as a Crystal Way Master.
Govell: In gaining aid and respect from your peers, you have begun spreading your name amongst your fellow students.
-Govell hands you back two wands, but keeps yours and puts it aside.-
Govell: You may return those to their owners.
Govell: You have proven your knowledge and dedication to the Crystal Way Circle to your previous trainers.
Govell: You also know of the supporting and opposing Ways to the Crystal Way.
Govell: This knowledge is important for your masters training.
Govell: My suggestion is to begin speaking to practitioners and students from the supporting Ways and making allies.
Govell: These bonds will become important in the coming tests.
Govell: Today, you will start by bringing me two glyph that Levrus sells, each from one of the Crystal Way's supporting Ways.
YOU: One Air glyph and one Cold glyph as requested.
Govell: Well done.
Govell: In combing spells, you will often need glyphs from the Blue and Azure Ways.
Govell: On their own, each Way is limited in power.
Govell: You will find that the truly powerful spells are a product of your own Way, and those that support it.
-Govell hands back the glyphs.-
Govell: Although Crystal Way is the the most perfect Way, drawing its power directly from the Crystal Sun, no Way of magic is complete without the other Ways.
-Govell looks you in the eyes to make sure you are listening.-
Govell: This includes supporting Ways, neutral, and opposing.
Govell: Red and Brown Way are neutral, neither greatly aiding or impeding the Crystal Way.
Govell: Finally, there is the single Way that mirrors the Crystal Way.
Govell: This is the Dark Way.
-Govell takes a long breath.-
Govell: But, before speaking about this a want you to check something.
Govell: Tell me about grendols, what are they made of?
YOU: corpses
Govell: Yes.
Govell: That is right.
Govell: Now you know what the Dark Way is capable of, maybe you have seen the products of their magic with your own eyes.
-Govell nods, slowly.-
Govell: For your last task today I will ask of you the Dark Way Glyph that Levrus sells.
YOU: Here is the Death glyph.
Govell: Correct.
Govell: Please have it back.
-Govell quickly hands it back and rubs his hands on his vest.-
Govell: Sell it as soon as you can.
Govell: This is very important.
Govell: Crystal and Dark Way Circles are not enemies.
Govell: However, the magics they practice colide.
Govell: Trying to combine opposing Ways can be dangerous, or even deadly.
Govell: You may train the supporting ways within a realm or so of Crystal Way, but I advise you to limit any Dark Way training to a minimum.
Govell: If you train to high in the Dark Way, you risk canceling out your training in the Crystal Way all together.
Govell: In extreme cases …
-Govell breathes deeply.-
Govell: Visit the crater in the hill out towards Ojaveda if you wish to know the effects of combining too many magic Ways.
Govell: That hill was once much taller.
Govell: Enough of that.
Govell: I do not wish to speak of it.
Govell: Are you ready now to officially become a Master of the Crystal Way?
YOU: Yes, indeed I am.
Govell: Well then, no time to be wasting.
Govell: This is your brand new Master's Wand.
Govell: You will show it to me every time you are ready for your next test session while you continue training in the usual manner.
Govell: I also want you to have this as a personal gift from me.
Govell: Even though it is a dark way glyph, it is sometimes used in spells to create an opposite effect.
Govell: Unlike other Dark Way glyphs, I have found combining it with Crystal Way to have very little danger.
Rewards: 1 Negate glyph, 1 Master's Crystal Way Wand, 40 Faction with Crystal Order, 17800 XP.