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Cutthroat Hospitality
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: I'm looking to earn a few tria on the side. Can you help me out?
-Ukabnu looks you up and down and laughs at you.-
Ukabnu: You're either very bold, or very stupid.
Ukabnu: Or maybe both!
Ukabnu: What in the world does a stinking pile of trepor dung like you have to offer me, aside from perhaps a moment's bloody entertainment?
-Ukabnu turns her head and shouts loudly to one of her gang.-
Ukabnu: LAURE!
Ukabnu: Get your louse-ridden hide in motion and sharpen those cursed blades!
Ukabnu: I want you ready to move within the hour!
-Laure nods and replies 'Yea boss, on it!' as Ukabnu turns back to you with a derisive smile.-
Ukabnu: Do we look like we're hiring loutish foot-lickers?
-Ukabnu waves the back of her gauntleted hand at you in dismissal.-
Ukabnu: Get us a beer keg if you want to do something oh-so-sweet for us, rat-breath.
Ukabnu: Think you can handle that?
YOU: Of course I can handle that!
Ukabnu: Then get moving, honorable lout, and don't take all day about it!
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: I need to buy a keg of beer.
Allelia: A whole keg?
Allelia: Must be some party you're planning!
Allelia: I do have one I could sell you, though it'll be two hundred tria.
Allelia: They are pretty heavy too!
Allelia: You'd best take any heavy rocks out of your pockets before trying to cart it away.
-Allelia winks at you.-
YOU: pays Allelia for the keg.
-Allelia counts the coins and smiles.-
Allelia: Thank you very much.
-Allelia reaches under the bar and carefully lifts a full keg and staggers a bit as she levers it over the bar to you.-
Allelia: There you go, Madam!
Allelia: Enjoy!
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: Here is your keg. It's quite heavy
Ukabnu: Ah, it's our little Stonehammer returning with a treat for us!
- Ukabnu steps over to Laure and gives her the keg to hold and fills a mug from it.–
-She returns and passes the mug to you, sketching a courtly bow with a sneer on her face.-
Ukabnu: There is your thanks- now go kiss an ulbernaut.
-Ukabnu waves cheerily and turns away to shout orders to a nearby cutthroat.-
Rewards: 10 Faction with Thieves Organization, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.