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Dagger for Jirris
Required: 1 Dagger.
→ Go to Jirris Athano
YOU: Anything I can help with?
-Jirris slowly turns his attention to you.-
Jirris: You…
Jirris: you wish to help…
Jirris: help me?
Jirris: Alright…
Jirris: I will…
Jirris: will try and reward you.
Jirris: Are you…
-Jirris hesitates, looking momentarily confused.-
Jirris: …
Jirris: interested?
Jirris: You HAVE to help me.
YOU: Yes of course, just name it.
Jirris: Thank you…
Jirris: Kran.
Jirris: I need…
Jirris: a…
Jirris: a new dagger.
Jirris: Just a dagger…
Jirris: to…
Jirris: to serve.
-Jirris stares off into the distance.-
YOU: gives Jirris a dagger.
-Jirris stares at the dagger as if the world around him ceased to exist.-
Jirris: A…
Jirris: it is…
Jirris: it needs work.
Jirris: Bring it to Harnquist…
Jirris: he will work …
Jirris: work on it.
Jirris: Tell him to…
Jirris: to add saw teeth on the upper side.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: gives Harnquist the dagger.
Harnquist: Hmm?
-Harnquist turns the dagger over, and examines it.-
Harnquist: What am I supposed to do with this?
YOU: Could you improve this dagger by add saw teeth on the upper side?
-Looks at you suspiciously for second-
Harnquist: Well, I think I can do that for you, but please be aware this dagger may draw the attention of guards, and don't ask me why.
-Harnquist relaxes.-
Harnquist: I was about to go pick up a shipment from Edrich, so I'll tell you what.
Harnquist: I will get started if you go and get my delivery.
-Harnquist looks mildly amused.-
Harnquist: I'll even do the work for a discount just for saving me the trip.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: Harnquist sent me to get his delivery.
Edrich: Let's see.
-Edrich pulls out a rough looking piece of paper, searching down the list.-
Edrich: No.
Edrich: I don't have that yet.
Edrich: But just got information it will be ready tomorrow just after lunch time.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Edrich said it will be ready tomorrow after lunch time.
-Harnquist shakes his head.-
Harnquist: Oh well, least I didn't waste my time walking over there.
Harnquist: I did get the dagger finished.
Harnquist: I added the saw teeth as requested, and made it sharper.
Harnquist: I hope you like it.
-Harnquist holds out his hand expectantly.-
Harnquist: That'll be two octas.
YOU: Here are your tria.
Harnquist: Thank you.
-Harnquist hands you the dagger.-
Harnquist: Have a nice day, now.
→ Go to Jirris Athano
YOU: gives Jirris the perfect dagger.
Jirris: This is…
Jirris: very good…
Jirris: I like…
-Jirris looks at you with consideration.-
Jirris: You are…are useful.
Jirris: You can be a …
Jirris: whisper.
Jirris: Seek people here …
Jirris: here ..
Jirris: in the sewers.
-Jirris hands you some coins as an afterthought.-
Rewards: 5 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.