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Dangerous Winds
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Raithen
YOU: reporting for duty, sir!
Raithen: Your services for my guards has been exemplary, citizen.
Raithen: It has been decided that you are the one who will handle a mission of extreme urgency.
Raithen: Many think the Sunshine and Shadow squadron are at odds, and it is true to an extent.
Raithen: But we are united in the cause of protection of Yliakum, and when situations are dire, we are quite capable of working together seemlessly under the direction of the Vigesimi.
Raithen: If you are to take this mission, report to Aerayau Strongwill and ask about your orders.
Raithen: Do you have the courage to face this mission?
YOU: Sir, yes sir.
Raithen: Maybe you will surprise me yet, citizen.
Raithen: May Laanx guide you.
→ Go to Aerayau Strongwill
YOU: Requesting orders, sir!
Aerayau: I have something I need done very urgently, but I cannot let just anyone take this task for me.
Aerayau: Word about your deeds here in the Eagle has reached me, and Raithen and I have decided you are the one to handle this mission.
Aerayau: This mission is very important to all of Yliakum.
Aerayau: I cannot give you all the details here, as we believe this area has been compromised by magical means.
Aerayau: If you believe you can handle this task, go to Hydlaa and speak with Amidison Stronghand.
Aerayau: Are you prepared to face this trial?
YOU: Prepared and ready.
Aerayau: Excellent, you are a brave soul.
Aerayau: Go to Amidison tell her I sent you to ask her about Nodramok.
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: Aerayau sent me regarding Nodramok.
Amidison: Finally, Raithen and Aerayau have found someone for the task.
Amidison: We cannot use someone who is known for this mission.
Amidison: If you accept, you will be given access to the winch region to conduct your investigation.
Amidison: We need to know what Nodramok plans for the coming eclipse.
Amidison: This mission is vital to the security of the winch and all of the Dome level of Yliakum.
Amidison: There is much personal risk involved, however.
Amidison: Will you aid your government in this fashion?
YOU: I shall, what are my orders.
Amidison: You are to report to Datal Allavium, the Vigesimi of the Hydlaa winch region and inter-level affairs, as soon as you can.
Amidison: Here is a note for him.
Rewards: Winch access, 17800 XP.