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Dark Circle Hunt
Required: 1 Dark Circle Ring.
→ Go to Raithen
YOU: reporting for duty, sir.
Raithen: You want something to do?
YOU: Yes, sir!
Raithen: Go and tell Polyuntri Stevald I sent you.
Raithen: He's in charge of the little whelps like you.
→ Go to Polyuntri Stevald
YOU: Raithen sent me for a task.
Polyuntri: So Raithen sent you.
Polyuntri: I see.
Polyuntri: Our intelligence officers have been investigating a group of people for some time now.
Polyuntri: They are called 'The Dark Circle'.
Polyuntri: One can easily recognize them as most of them have azure countenances and blank eyes, possibly using some sort of magic to mask their eye colors.
Polyuntri: One could think of them as undead at first sight.
Polyuntri: Last time they have been seen in the vicinity of the cavern walls.
Polyuntri: As our intelligence indicates, notables of them carry rings to identify themselves.
Polyuntri: If you want to help us, try to find where they hide and get back to me.
Polyuntri: When you return, the next words out of your mouth better be ‘I found the Dark Circle’.
YOU: I found the Dark Circle.
Polyuntri: Ah, great.
Polyuntri: Are they still hiding in the small tunnels to the west of here?
YOU: Yes sir! I found them in the tunnels.
Polyuntri: Ah, right.
Polyuntri: They move from one place to another, but those tunnels are often used.
Polyuntri: Now I know you have the courage to go there, and I can assign you a real task.
Polyuntri: Go back to the tunnels and try to weaken their presence in this area.
Polyuntri: Killing a notable person, one with the Dark Circle ring, is critical to have them thinking twice about operating so close to here.
Polyuntri: Bring back the ring to me as proof.
Polyuntri: Go, and don't come back before you have a ring to present.
YOU: holds out the ring for Polyuntri to take.
Polyuntri: Well done.
Polyuntri: But don't be too proud of it; it's a very small task compared to what we have to face here on a daily basis.
Polyuntri: As a reward, I can give you a small piece of armor.
Polyuntri: Take this helm.
Polyuntri: You should return to Raithen again later as he will be pleased with you as soon as I give him my report.
Rewards: 1 Mercenary Helm, 65 Faction with Guard, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.