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Dark Wanderer wants the Messenger Bag
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Dark Wanderer
YOU: Is there a task I can do for you?
Dark: Yes, I have a task for you if you do not mind disregarding the feeble laws of Yliakum and putting your own head at risk.
Dark: Do you have the strength of will to make my desires manifest in this world?
YOU: I don't mind breaking a few laws.
Dark: Good.
Dark: Then we can continue.
Dark: I need someone to covertly go to Aldaaren Phostle in the eastern part of Hydlaa and retrieve something of value from him.
Dark: A dispatch that I hope never sees the light of day has been intercepted.
Dark: Aldaaren Phostle has information on where to retrieve that bag, but he was unable to relay its whereabouts to me.
Dark: He will no doubt ask for a favor from you in exchange for this information; do whatever he wishes and return with the Messenger Bag, and I will reward you with forbidden wisdom.
→ Go to Aldaaren Phostle
YOU: The Dark Wanderer sent me…
Aldaaren: Bring your voice to a whisper, my child.
Aldaaren: I know your purpose, but if you want my information you will have to do something for me.
Aldaaren: I need information that only Levrus Dahrenn can provide.
Aldaaren: He must not suspect that I have sent you.
Aldaaren: Word is that Raithen used to be an apprentice to Levrus when he was a boy.
Aldaaren: I am specifically interested in the nickname Levrus had for him.
Aldaaren: Go to Levrus and mention Raithen.
Aldaaren: If you can find the nickname without mentioning me, I will tell you where you can find the bag that the Dark Wanderer seeks.
Aldaaren: Does this arrangement suit you?
YOU: Yes it does.
Aldaaren: Report back when you have the information I seek.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: What can you tell me about Raithen?
Levrus: Funny you mention him, as I was just thinking of him.
Levrus: Raithen was my best student and my greatest disappointment.
-Levrus frowns.-
Levrus: I first met him when he miraculously won a mages' tournament at age twelve.
Levrus: It was no surprise to me.
Levrus: He had been a beggar, a nuisance around Hydlaa for quite some time, but always spoke of wanting to learn magic.
Levrus: Over time he gained an unnatural luck that he used to win games of chance and ensure his survival.
Levrus: Few took note of this, but this is when my interest in him began.
Levrus: He improved slowly at first, practicing late at night in the sewers.
Levrus: This is a long tale; are you sure you wish me to continue?
YOU: Yes, please continue.
Levrus: I will continue.
Levrus: Raithen was slowly progressing mimicking the movements and incantations needed for the casting of spells in the company of rats.
Levrus: 'Hello Ratboy,' I said to him, as I allowed my invisibility to fade.
Levrus: He was not shocked at all, and merely replied, 'I smelled you.
Levrus: I have smelled you following me for weeks; what do you want with me, old man?' I told him he had a tremendous innate gift for magic and offered him an apprenticeship.
Levrus: Raising Raithen over those years gave me some of the happiest moments of my life.
Levrus: He was sharp and quick, and after I taught him to read, I could not stop him.
Levrus: I called him 'Ratboy' from then on.
Levrus: You sure you want to hear an old man blather on?
YOU: Yes, please continue.
Levrus: As Raithen approached his late teens, he was an eminent mage in Hydlaa.
Levrus: He was still officially in training, but he outpaced most of his teachers early on.
Levrus: On his seventeenth birthday, he announced suddenly that he was going to join the Shadow Squadron.
Levrus: It was very sudden, and I came to learn he had met another teacher, a teacher of forbidden lore known only as the dark wanderer.
Levrus: His desire to surpass all of his teachers, including me, drove him away from me.
Levrus: Alas, I do not feel like speaking more on this matter.
→ Go to Aldaaren Phostle
YOU: His nickname was ratboy.
Aldaaren: Excellent work!
Aldaaren: I shall have to employ you myself some time.
Aldaaren: You gave me what I wanted; now to give you what you wanted.
Aldaaren: Seek out Zak below the Laanx temple.
Aldaaren: He has what you want.
Aldaaren: I doubt he will give it away for free, but he does have it.
Aldaaren: Go and ask him for the Messenger Bag.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: I'm here to collect the messenger bag.
Zak: First things first.
Zak: We never spoke.
Zak: Got it?
Zak: Now if you want the Messenger Bag you have to do something for me.
Zak: Nothing risky, just a little favor.
Zak: Do you want this messenger bag enough to aid me?
YOU: Yes, I'll help you.
Zak: Good, now here is what I need you to do.
Zak: Gordy Pumuont is an eccentric and strange man.
Zak: He serves as the executioner for the Vigesimi court.
Zak: The job has given him strange tastes and even stranger habits.
Zak: He has something I need, and I do not want to have to deal with him at all.
Zak: He is growing stranger and stranger of late, and often speaks in riddles.
Zak: If you can extract from him one of his Executioner Axes and bring it to me, I will give you the bag you seek.
Zak: Two things are important to bear in mind: one, Gordy cannot know I sent you; and two, Tarela Girshon must not know I have the bag.
Zak: When you meet Gordy, offer to have his Executioner Axe repaired.
Zak: He has Harnquist's apprentices do this for him weekly, and they change week to week, but he uses a code.
Zak: You will have to crack that code to get the Executioner Axe.
Zak: Just tell him Harnquist sent you.
Zak: When you get it, return and give it to me.
→ Go to Gordy Pumuont
YOU: Harnquist sent me.
Gordy: Are you a new apprentice?
Gordy: I do not recognize you.
Gordy: Who sent you?
YOU: Harnquist.
Gordy: If you truly are Harnquist's apprentice, you should be familiar with my puzzle.
Gordy: I will test you.
Gordy: If you can answer the question with one try, I will trust you with the repair of my Executioner Axe.
Gordy: Here is your question.
Gordy: How can you throw a dwarf away as hard as you can and still have it return to you?
YOU: throw dwarf up
Gordy: Yes, that's it!
Gordy: Here you go, and make sure the axe is well oiled before you return it to me.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: Here is the axe, now give me the bag.
Zak: You have done well.
Zak: I may have work for you another time.
Zak: Here is the Messenger Bag.
→ Go to Dark Wanderer
YOU: Here is the bag.
Dark: I must congratulate you.
Dark: I did not believe you had the guile to pull off my mission.
Dark: Take this glyph and use it to your benefit.
Rewards: Nothing.