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Dark Way Master Training
Required: 1 Adept's Dark Way Wand, 1 Adept's Dark Way Bracers, 1 Fire glyph, 1 Armor glyph, 1 Arrow glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Evelyn
YOU: Take this wand, it proves my commitment to the Dark Way.
-Evelyn eyelashes flutter as her eyes close and open again, slowly. Her hip wiggles slightly while she reaches you, taking the wand.-
Evelyn: I am Evelyn, and you, YOU…
-Evelyn stops talking, and stares in your eyes, her mouth faintly open.-
Evelyn: You are a Master in the Dark Way Circle, and my new pupil.
-Evelyn fingers flow on your wand, like an idle caress. Then she closes the hand, her black lacquered nails on the wand.-
Evelyn: Your skills, your power, pleases me.
Evelyn: Is your wish to please me?
YOU: Yes, my wish is to please you.
Evelyn: What a delightful answer.
-Evelyn puts your wand in a pouch, then she languidly raises the hands, showing her wrist.-
Evelyn: Now, tell me.
Evelyn: Which is the most powerful amongst the Ways?
YOU: Dark Way.
-Evelyn laughs, her white and sharp teeth appear behind her lips.-
Evelyn: It could be a pleasure to understand if you really believe in your answer.
Evelyn: But, for now, I would be pleased if you show me your bracers.
YOU: Here are my bracers, Archmistress.
-Evelyn takes the bracers, one for every hand.-
Evelyn: The Dark Way is powerful, but so are the other Ways.
Evelyn: Items like yours are owned by Adepts of each of the Circles.
Evelyn: Remember it, you will need this knowledge.
Evelyn: You know which of other Ways support our own.
Evelyn: Meet members of these Ways, speak with them and gain their trust.
Evelyn: You will need it for the coming tests.
-Evelyn leans forward, slowly.-
Evelyn: There's also a Way who opposes ours.
Evelyn: But, for now, go to Levrus and buy all the glyphs he sells.
Evelyn: On your return give me the glyphs of the Ways that support us.
YOU: These two are the glyphs of the Ways supporting us.
-Evelyn nods, examining the glyphs. Then she gives them back.-
Evelyn: Combined spells are the most powerful.
Evelyn: The Dark Way is seductive, and elegant, but, like every magic, can be improved when used together with other Ways.
-Evelyn smiles, tilting her head.-
Evelyn: You can use supporting Ways, neutral, and opposing too.
Evelyn: Azure and Blue Ways are neutral to Dark, and many times Dark Way glyphs are used to temper some of their combines.
Evelyn: The opposite of Dark is the Crystal Way.
Evelyn: Give me the Crystal Way glyph you bought from Levrus.
YOU: Do you mean Arrow, Archmistress?
-Evelyn looks at the glyph. She doesn't take it and pushes back your hands.-
Evelyn: Keep it.
Evelyn: Crystal and Dark Way can be combined, but it is dangerous.
Evelyn: These two Ways may collide, even cause death to the unwise magician who tries to use both.
Evelyn: You are allowed to learn the supporting ways, within a realm or so from the Dark Way.
Evelyn: But, if you decide to be trained in Crystal Way, pay special attention.
Evelyn: If you train too high in Crystal Way you may be banned from the Dark Way.
-Evelyn's pupils grow wider and wider, looking into your eyes.-
Evelyn: There is no epitaph for the foolish mage who challenged the gods, combining all magics.
Evelyn: His grave is a tall hill, with a crater, the last remembrance left of his madness.
Evelyn: Do not ask further questions about this, for now.
Evelyn: Instead let's talk about spells.
Evelyn: Combine your Daemon and Arrow Glyphs, and then tell me the name of the result.
YOU: daemon arrows
Evelyn: Good work.
Evelyn: You learned one of the rare exceptions to the rule of opposing ways.
Evelyn: If you search you will discover others of them.
Evelyn: Life and death could merge…
-Evelyn's tongue sweeps across her lips as she slowly closes her eyes.-
Evelyn: …
Evelyn: becoming so gorgeous sometime.
-Evelyn digs a hand in a pouch, and takes out a wand.-
Evelyn: Take you bracers, as well as your new Master's wand.
Evelyn: This new wand will be your proof, show me it when you will be ready for the next lessons.
Evelyn: And, to emphasize my pleasure, I want to offer you a personal gift.
-Evelyn gives you a glyph. Her fingers touch your hand for some seconds, warmer than normal.-
Evelyn: Continue to train with me, until you become ready for the next test.
Evelyn: We can learn so much, from each other.
Rewards: 1 Shadow glyph, 1 Master's Dark Way Wand, 40 Faction with Dark Order, 17800 XP.