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Davikel's Request
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Davikel Iramok
YOU: Anything I can do for you?
-Davikel shifts kras gaze towards you for an instant before returning to the document kra is reading.-
Davikel: Yes, er.
Davikel: Please take this to my colleague, the Vigesimi Amidison Stronghand of Hydlaa.
Davikel: Tell her I am not pleased.
-Davikel makes a soft sighing noise and shakes kras head, mumbling something under kras breath.-
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: I am here to deliver some paperwork.
-Amidison examines the document with growing concern.-
Amidison: Where did you get this?
YOU: Davikel Iramok.
-Amidison shakes her head in disgust.-
Amidison: I am sure kra sent some message as well, please tell me what it is this time?
YOU: Davikel is not pleased.
-Amidison rolls her eyes.-
Amidison: Kra needs to learn much.
Amidison: Kra is a Vigesimi now, and should know that documents of such importance should be kept confidential.
Amidison: I fear he will only learn this when it is too late.
-Amidison’s eyes close for a few moments.-
Amidison: Wait a minute, please.
-Amidison rapidly scribes a letter and magically seals it.-
Amidison: Take this back to kra for me please, and take some coin for your troubles.
→ Go to Davikel Iramok
YOU: Vigesimi Stronghand has a response for you.
-Davikel looks at you as you approach, looking puzzled.-
Davikel: You're back.
Davikel: What's this?
-Davikel rubs kras forehead while examining the sealed letter and after a sighing noise, finally opens and reads it.-
Davikel: I…oh.
-Davikel shakes kras head in shame.-
Davikel: Please take this as payment for your help.
Davikel: Good day, madam.
Rewards: Nothing.