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Deadly Talons for Kelicha
Required: None quest, 10 Maulbernaut Talon, Winch Access.
→ Go to Kelicha Anijiel
YOU: Do you have a little work for a hungry adventurer?
Kelicha: Hmph?
- Kelicha Anijiel's shoulders slump as she turns to you with an exasperated sigh.
Kelicha: Don't I look busy?
Kelicha: Okay, fine, you want work?
Kelicha: I have work for you, but you need to be a good fighter.
Kelicha: eally good.
Kelicha: Are you?
YOU: Why yes I am!
Kelicha: Terrific.
Kelicha: Go on the road to the nearest Bronze Doors.
Kelicha: You know, the Eagle?
Kelicha: As soon as you exit the mountain pass, veer to the left.
Kelicha: There will be some rocks and an maulbernaut encampment.
Kelicha: I want you to clear it out.
Kelicha: Bring me back five of their talons.
Kelicha: Five.
Kelicha: I'll be waiting.
- Kelicha Anijiel turns back to the mechanisms.
YOU: I have brought you the claws, as I promised.
→ Give Kelicha Anijiel 5 Maulbernaut Talons
Kelicha: Back so soon?
Kelicha: Oh, did I say five?
Kelicha: I meant eight.
Kelicha: Go get me three more.
Kelicha: If you'll excuse me, I need to work.
→ Give Kelicha Anijiel 3 Maulbernaut Talons
YOU: Here are three more claws. My goodness, my sword arm aches!
Kelicha: Already?
Kelicha: Er...let's make it an even ten.
Kelicha: Go and get me two more, please.
-She turns quickly back to the mechanisms.-
Kelicha: Please.
→ Give Kelicha Anijiel 2 Maulbernaut Talons
YOU: Huarwar sighs and rubs his sword arm as Kelicha picks up the claws.
Kelicha: Okay, I can see you're obviously better than I thought.
Kelicha: Frankly, I thought you would give up and leave me alone so I could work.
Kelicha: Alas, you're as persistent as that eager junior engineer Martiana.
Kelicha: I don't even need these claws,
- Kelicha Anijiel puts them down to one side.
Kelicha: But I wanted to test your patience and persistence, so I can assign you more important tasks.
Kelicha: I guess you wanted a reward?
Kelicha: I have one item you might like.
- Kelicha Anijiel hands it to you as she rubs her wings together in anticipation.
Kelicha: Fare you well.
Rewards: 1 Net Glyph, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.