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Dealing with Young Engineers
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Martiana Zeth
YOU: Got any work for a wayward adventurer?
Martiana: Ah, I've been looking all over for some help.
Martiana: I need to do two things at once, and I'm hoping that if you can help me with one, I can do the other more efficiently.
Martiana: Can you help me out, please?
YOU: I'm glad to have the work.
Martiana: Splendid.
Martiana: I'll start replenishing the lights.
Martiana: You'll need to get Noxdar's engineering proposal.
Martiana: He's a trainee engineer with some interesting ideas, but I need to make sure he's on the right track.
Martiana: Just tell him I sent you, or ask him to give you the proposal.
Martiana: He should be able to infer why and hand it over.
Martiana: He's most likely in the Winch area somewhere; he likes to work in out-of-the-way areas though, so search around.
Martiana: Bring the proposal back to me once you have it in hand.
Martiana: Thanks again.
→ Go to Noxdar Darmeth
YOU: Martiana Zeth wanted me to fetch some papers from you.
Noxdar: Martiana sent you for the engineering proposal, did she?
Noxdar: She's quite eager; I just got them finished last night.
Noxdar: I'd have finished them earlier, but I've had some, uh, personal things to sort out.
-Noxdar idly fingers his chipped fang.-
Noxdar: I shouldn't delay you: By all means, take them.
-Noxdar gives you a set of rumpled papers.-
Noxdar: I think you'll find Martiana will be most pleased with them.
Noxdar: Farewell, Tabei.
→ Go to Martiana Zeth
YOU: I have a delivery for you.
Martiana: I didn't see Hakik offering to do the lights.
Martiana: No, let's ask the engineer.
-Martiana grumbles as she works on the lights. She looks at you briefly.-
Martiana: Oh, sorry, I need to do this.
Martiana: Hand them to me a bit later, would you please?
Martiana: Thanks.
→ Go to Martiana Zeth
YOU: Are you ready to receive that delivery now?
Martiana: Sorry about that.
Martiana: Okay, let's see what we have here.
-Martiana flips back and forth between the pages, nodding her head quickly and running a finger along the lines of the equations.-
Martiana: The mechanics are good; Noxdar has some promise.
Martiana: But he seems to have made the same mistake I did as a trainee engineer: he did not account enough for the magic.
Martiana: Now, a lot of the magic used in the winch mechanisms is Blue Way.
-Martiana cocks her head to one side.-
Martiana: There's a Blue Way practitioner in the library district of Hydlaa, I believe.
Martiana: Do you know his name?
YOU: I have heard of him, yes.
Martiana: Oh good, what is his name?
YOU: Ah, yes! I think Barrin Dhorod is the person you mean.
Martiana: Barrin!
Martiana: That's it.
Martiana: All right, take this proposal to Barrin and answer to the best of your knowledge if he asks anything.
Martiana: He'll probably be able to fix these equations and save us some coin.
Martiana: Bring it back to me when you're done.
Martiana: Thanks again.
→ Go to Barrin Dhorod
YOU: I have some documents that Martiana Zeth would like you to examine.
Barrin: Yes, I know.
Barrin: The proposal, please.
YOU: jumps a bit then hands over the proposal.
Barrin: I see that my reputation precedes me as you knew who I was, YOU.
Barrin: Oh, don't act so surprised.
Barrin: You know I'm proficient in the Blue Way, and therefore with divination.
Barrin: But enough of that.
Barrin: Allow me to peruse this proposal.
-Barrin studiously examines the document, the fingers on his free hand flickering with apparent mental calculation. Finally, he draws a quill and begins making some corrections.-
Barrin: You can probably decrease the weight of the chains by twelve percent, perhaps even fifteen but that might be risky.
Barrin: It will ease the burden on the goujahs, and provide other benefits.
Barrin: You may want to consider handing the document to another engineer to check the mechanical equations, just in case.
Barrin: Here you go, YOU.
→ Go to Warinn Klumdt
YOU: I'm hoping you can check these equations for me.
Warinn: So, some young engineer has new ideas for the Hydlaa Winch, huh?
Warinn: All right.
-Warinn reads the proposal, lips moving silently as he mouths the equations.-
Warinn: Aha!
Warinn: Look here.
Warinn: A seven was transposed onto the next line as a one.
Warinn: It's the kind of error that gets made when you stay up too late working or you have to finish quickly.
Warinn: It won't affect too much, but it's always best to hand something in without careless errors.
Warinn: The rest is top-notch work.
Warinn: You can have it back now.
→ Go to Martiana Zeth
YOU: pulls the document from his pouch and gives it to Martiana.
Martiana: You found Barrin?
Martiana: Great.
-Martiana quickly looks at the document.-
Martiana: I'm impressed.
Martiana: I don't think I could have done a better job.
Martiana: Lerok will be over the dome with excitement.
Martiana: Noxdar will make a fine engineer one day.
Martiana: But now I'll have to work all the harder to make sure he doesn't take my job!
-Martiana grumbles a bit.-
Martiana: Still, you saved me a lot of time, so take this.
-Martiana gives you some golden circles.-
Martiana: Thank you very much for lending a hand.
Rewards: 1 Object glyph, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.