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Deceive Your Way In
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: I'm here to see…if you have some more 'work' for me…
Zak: Well, well, well.
Zak: Back for more, are you?
Zak: My eyes-and-ears around have told me your name is YOU and you might just be the sort I need for a special assignment.
Zak: I've seen you around enough to maybe trust that you won't stab me in the back.
Zak: Do this job for me, and the Winch area will be your oyster, ripe for taking pearls.
Zak: Have I interested you?
YOU: Yes.
Zak: That's what I wanted to hear.
Zak: I've got an operative in the Winch area.
Zak: Goes by the name of Acigra.
Zak: He has acquired the winch's engineering designs, and I need them.
Zak: You don't need to know why.
Zak: But first things first.
Zak: I'll need some items to forge official documents requesting you access to the Winch.
Zak: Will you still do it?
YOU: Yes.
Zak: I knew I could count on you.
Zak: We'll do this one step at a time.
Zak: First, I need ink and paper from Jayose the librarian.
Zak: He's not going to question it, as this is a perfectly legal transaction.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I need some ink and paper.
Jayose: Let me check.
-Jayose opens a drawer and takes some ink and paper.-
Jayose: I can give you this for fifty Trias.
YOU: Here are the Trias.
Jayose: And here are the Ink and Paper.
-Jayose handles you the item.-
→ Go to Zak
YOU: Here is your ink and paper.
Zak: Easy enough.
Zak: Now, I'll need some wax.
Zak: You might know that wax comes from a substance in wool, so you'll need to find someone who works with rivnaks.
Zak: Terea Lohdren is an animal trainer, so she'll likely have some, but we can't let her know that it's for a seal.
Zak: It's suspicious, plus she knows who I am, if you recall.
Zak: Just ask her to give you wax, and tell her it's for candles if she asks.
Zak: You'll be paying for the wax yourself.
→ Go to Terea Lohdren
YOU: I would like to buy some wax please.
Terea: Pressing wax out of rivnak wool is a hard process and not cheap.
Terea: I don't sell it to just anyone.
Terea: What are you planning to make with it, anyway?
YOU: Candles.
Terea: Oh, candles?
Terea: Yes, of course.
Terea: A packet of wax is one hundred and fifty tria.
YOU: One hundred and fifty tria, here you go!
Terea: Thank you.
Terea: Here is your wax.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: I got your wax.
Zak: Ah, well done.
Zak: While you were gone, I completed the written portion of the documents.
Zak: There's only one thing left: an official seal from the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Zak: Roobelh works for them and us, so he'll be able to procure a duplicate of the seal, but he'll probably want a hefty sum to keep his lips firmly closed.
Zak: That falls to you as well.
Zak: Just ask him for a duplicate seal.
Zak: There's only one reason you'd want one so there's no sense in making up a story for him.
Zak: Now get out of here before you're seen, and don't return without the seal.
→ Go to Roobelh
YOU: I need a duplicate of the official Eagle Bronze Doors seal.
Roobelh: Quite an odd thing to ask a guard about, would you not say?
Roobelh: I do happen to have such an item.
Roobelh: If I am caught by Aerayau Strongwill, however, it will cost me my job and I will need some compensation: four thousand two hundred tria.
Roobelh: You can give that to me at any time in exchange for the seal.
Roobelh: If you are unwilling to pay that, I could just give it to you, but I would be forced to tell Aerayau, and every guard from here to Hydlaa and beyond would know you to be a thief.
Roobelh: Are you willing to pay?
YOU: Yes.
Roobelh: I thought you'd see it my way.
Roobelh: Hand over the tria when you have it.
YOU: Here are your tria.
Roobelh: And here is the seal.
Roobelh: I sure hope Aerayau doesn't hear of this.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: I got your seal.
Zak: I hope you didn't find any trouble getting this.
-Zak impresses the seal onto the wax on the document.-
Zak: And that should do it.
Zak: Now listen closely: I'm only going to say this once.
-Zak holds up a finger.-
Zak: Give the winch access request to the treasurer, Willam Chorind, and he should give you winch access papers.
Zak: He's the least suspecting government official who can grant winch access.
Zak: If he asks who sent you, say Aerayau; obviously don't tell him the truth.
Zak: From there, you are to tell Acigra the code phrase: 'delicious shadow moths.' If Jefecra Harcrit gets a hold of the engineering designs, it's all over, so stay alert.
Zak: Take the documents, and get ready to Deceive Your Way in.
→ Go to Willam Chorind
YOU: Here is my access request.
Willam: Now let's see here.
-Willam inspects the documents quickly.-
Willam: This form appears to be missing a sentence.
Willam: Who gave you these papers?
YOU: Aerayau Strongwill.
Willam: Oh.
Willam: It's an honest mistake, but I hear that he has a meticulous administrator.
Willam: I wouldn't think this would slip by her.
Willam: Anyway, this seems to be in order.
Willam: Here are your access papers.
Willam: Present those to Percival Hawthorne and he should let you in and recognize you from now on.
Rewards: 20 Faction with Thieves Organization, 16400 XP.