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Deelor and the Rat Hat
Required: 5 Rat Hides, 2 Rat Tails.
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: Greetings, you perhaps are not in need of any assistance?
Deelor: As matteer ov fact, I could use help.
Deelor: As executioner, many dizlike mee for killink, but for me ees just job.
Deelor: Dey see my face clearly and hate.
Deelor: I need something to distract from face.
Deelor: Something exotic.
Deelor: Different.
Deelor: Somezing like hat made from rat fur!
Deelor: You geet eet for me, yes?
YOU: A rat hat, I can't wait to see this!
Deelor: Veery goot, my freend!
Deelor: Jeyarp Grotemey een Hydlaa is goot friend and leathervorker who owes me favours.
Deelor: You tell heem Deelor send you and he treat you right.
Deelor: Danks and I veel revward you ven you return vith rat hat!
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: I was sent by a friend of yours, name of Deelor, and he wants a rat hat.
Jeyarp: You say Deelor sent you and he wants a what?
Jeyarp: A hat made from rat fur?
Jeyarp: Well, to be honest, I've never worked with rat fur but I'll give it a try.
Jeyarp: Five hides ought to be enough to work with to make such a hat.
Jeyarp: You return with those, and I'll do my best.
Jeyarp: I do owe him a favour after all.
YOU: I was able to find these five rat hides.
Jeyarp: Alright, let's see here…
-Jeyarp applies some tannic acid to a piece of the hide, but it discolors.-
Jeyarp: Oh dear!
Jeyarp: I don't think my methods will work with rat fur.
Jeyarp: Please don't tell my wife or I'll be visiting Jayose's for leatherworking books forever!
Jeyarp: Now, what to do…
Jeyarp: Oh, I know.
Jeyarp: Sometimes I send overflow work to Hirenn's Hides in Ojaveda and he does the same for me.
Jeyarp: Just let him know I sent you; his process is different from mine and he will probably be able to tan these hides correctly.
→ Go to Hirenn Darmeth
YOU: Jeyarp, said that you could help me, as he is too busy.
Hirenn: Jeyarp's too busy to handle it, is he?
Hirenn: Fair enough.
Hirenn: It's been slow here.
Hirenn: I'll tan your hides, but it'll cost you fifty tria.
Hirenn: First, the hides.
YOU: Here are the hides.
Hirenn: Rat fur?
Hirenn: Ha ha!
Hirenn: Okay, the customer is always right.
Hirenn: Now, the fifty tria fee.
YOU: And here is your payment.
Hirenn: One moment please.
-Hirenn turns around and starts working on the hides, and a few minutes later turns back with some cleaned and cured furs.-
Hirenn: There you go.
Hirenn: You can just give those back to Jeyarp now.
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: Hirenn was able to tan the rat hides, here they are.
Jeyarp: Very well done.
Jeyarp: Time to make a hat.
-Jeyarp sews a cylindrical hat from the furs with the hand of an expert.-
Jeyarp: Hmm…something's missing.
Jeyarp: But what…oh, that's it!
Jeyarp: Get me two rat tails please.
YOU: I just so happens that I have two rat tails with me.
Jeyarp: Marvellous.
-Jeyarp attaches the rat tails to the back of the hat.-
Jeyarp: Worthy of an Octarch!
Jeyarp: Well, a Vigesimi, at any rate.
Jeyarp: Give that to Deelor, we're even now.
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: Here is your rat fur hat as asked.
Deelor: Is vunderful!
Deelor: Ees even beetter den imagininks!
Deelor: You are goot freend, Diaboli.
Rewards: Nothing.