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Deelor is Suspicious
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: Hail, Deelor. Do you need help with anything else?
Deelor: Ah, is friend Kran who is giff me rat hat.
Deelor: You vant more verk?
Deelor: It may be you can aid me, because I vant to find somtink to do.
Deelor: I keell lawbreaker for livink but am find none.
Deelor: Maybe you is help me find creeminal, yes?
YOU: Now this is a challenge I like.
Deelor: Is good!
Deelor: I haff suspicion of one called Canyt.
Deelor: I can tell she is badness.
Deelor: She has secrets.
Deelor: You research her vays for me; see if you find her treecks.
Deelor: There are thinks go missing she is behind.
Deelor: I know, but cannot prove eet.
Deelor: If you can prove eet I geeve you much presents, is okay?
YOU: Just point me in the right direction and I will get you your proof.
Deelor: Good good, Laanx likes good person who help me keel evil.
Deelor: Missing are some thinks.
Deelor: But I haff plan to catch her in buying stolen goods.
Deelor: She gets troubles beeg.
Deelor: Weel you attempt to help me?
YOU: Sure, what must I sell her?
Deelor: I have these potion I borrow; you try sells them her.
Deelor: Eef she buys, she ees criminal, and she weell be execute!
Deelor: Ha ha.
Deelor: Just ask her about stolen goods.
Deelor: Now you go to her and get her to buy.
-He rubs his paws in anticipation.-
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: What do you know about stolen goods?
-Canyt looks you up and down, then sniffs the air around you.-
Canyt: Deelor sent you, right?
Canyt: Goodness, will he stop at nothing?
Canyt: He has been looking at me suspiciously ever since I turned him down for dinner.
Canyt: Not once did that stubborn man stop to think I just might not like him.
Canyt: Have you seen his ridiculous hat?
Canyt: Anyway, now he is angry and wants to hurt me somehow.
Canyt: He is trying to set me up, because his feelings are hurt.
-Canyt studies you for a moment.-
Canyt: I know where Deelor got these items, and the owner is looking for them.
Canyt: But the choice is yours.
Canyt: You can return the potions to Deelor for little or no reward, or you can search for the original owner and return them, or you can simply keep the potions.
Canyt: Whatever you choose, I wish you luck.
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: I was not able to sell the potions.
Deelor: Whyfore you geeve back?
Deelor: Would Canyt not buy them?
YOU: No, she did not want to buy it.
Deelor: Is not good!
Deelor: Jig is up!
Deelor: You geeve me potions back before anyone notice the missinks.
Deelor: I keep, yes?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: No, I want to return them to there rightful owner.
Deelor: I guess you keep then?
Deelor: Or you geeve to Tarmeen Alecheech and tell about Deelor Blackeye, and no longer be friend?
Deelor: Vatever, Kran. It is you to choose.
-Deelor crosses his arms and watches you.-
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: I believe these belong to you.
Tarmeen: What?
Tarmeen: These…
Tarmeen: these had gone missing from storage.
Tarmeen: Who had them?
YOU: Deelor had them.
Tarmeen: Deelor?
Tarmeen: I had a feeling it might be him.
Tarmeen: I never really did trust him.
Tarmeen: He has been sporting a nice hat lately, though.
Tarmeen: Still, I'll make sure he is punished to the full extent of the law.
Tarmeen: Take this for your vigilance.
-Tarmeen gives you a glyph.-
Way 2:
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: As far as I am concerned, your potions, you keep them.
Deelor: Good!
Deelor: I geeve my friend Enkidukai thees and say much thanks to you!
-Deelor gives you a shield and waves goodbye.-
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Sight glyph, 10800 XP, [Way 2] 1 Golden Shield, 9400 XP.