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Deliver to the Hydlaa Merchants
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Phanejor Mikana
YOU: Greetings, do you have any work available?
Phanejor: The Mikana Trading Company often has work for those who ask of it.
Phanejor: Do you know much about the other merchants in Hydlaa?
YOU: Yes I do.
Phanejor: That is good to hear, Tabei.
Phanejor: Would you like to make some deliveries to them, perchance?
YOU: Sure.
Phanejor: Most pleasing to me, Tabei.
Phanejor: Here are three packages.
Phanejor: You will find the recipient's name on each package; each is in Hydlaa so it should not be difficult.
Phanejor: I will give you a sheet for them all to sign to confirm delivery.
Phanejor: Always give the package first, then the sheet for them to sign.
Phanejor: Please do them in the order written on the sheet.
Phanejor: That's good business.
Phanejor: I will be here, awaiting your return with the thrice-signed sheet.
→ Go to Ervin Fromaad
YOU: I have a delivery for you.
Ervin: This must be the delivery from Mikana.
-Ervin opens the lid on the package. His face is bathed in a warm orange glow.-
Ervin: As I thought.
Ervin: It's the amber I ordered.
Ervin: It's used to ornament high-quality weapons, you know.
Ervin: Do I need to sign anything?
Ervin: Okay, this will just take a moment.
-Ervin signs the sheet with a flourish and hands it back to you.-
Ervin: Thanks and farewell.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: I have a delivery from the Mikana Trading Company for you.
Edrich: From Mikana?
-Edrich hastily rips open the package.-
Edrich: Aha!
Edrich: The spools of ribbon.
Edrich: At last.
Edrich: I'll sign that sheet now.
Edrich: Very well.
-Edrich scribbles his name across the sheet quickly.-
Edrich: Thanks.
Edrich: Here's a tip.
→ Go to Boralis Voladrand
YOU: I have a delivery for Boralis.
Boralis: I've been expecting this package.
-Boralis carefully unwraps the paper package, smoothing it out.-
Boralis: Rinna, look, it's the gloves.
Boralis: Place those in the inventory, would you?
-Boralis hands the gloves to his wife, who starts stacking them. He folds the paper package and sets it aside.-
Boralis: No sense in wasting paper.
Boralis: I believe I need to confirm delivery?
YOU: Yes, if you could sign the here on the confirmation sheet, thanks.
Boralis: Looks like the Mikana company has kept you busy.
-Boralis slowly and carefully signs his name.-
Boralis: And here you go.
Boralis: Thanks again.
Boralis: Goodbye.
→ Go to Phanejor Mikana
YOU: I have completed the deliveries. Here is the confirmation sheet.
Phanejor: Everything seems to be in order.
Phanejor: Well done, Tabei.
Phanejor: Did you receive any tips?
YOU: Yes, I received the tips.
Phanejor: Good.
Phanejor: I am glad to see that not every merchant has forgotten the custom of tipping a Hexa to a merchant's courier.
Phanejor: Here's your compensation, Tabei.
Phanejor: Perhaps I'll have more work for you later.
Rewards: 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.