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Dizzy Bevon
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Bevon Damerr
YOU: Could you use some help?
Bevon: Oh, you wanna help me?
Bevon: Great, I need some stuff from Charisa.
Bevon: If ya could go'n get it that'd be great.
Bevon: I reckon I'll pay ya, so what d'ya say?
YOU: Sounds simple enough. Sure.
Bevon: I knew I could count on ya.
Bevon: Go tell 'er that Bevs needs his medicine.
Bevon: Thank ya kindly.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: I'm supposed to tell you that “Bevs” needs his medicine.
Charisa: Ah yes, Bevs.
Charisa: Hmm, let us see…
-Charisa looks through a sack full of vials and other assorted containers.-
Charisa: Here's the one.
Charisa: It's a pity poor Bevs gets so dizzy.
Charisa: Every week I give him this and every time it has less effect.
Charisa: If it keeps up like this, I may have to look into more potent and dangerous means of helping him.
Charisa: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Charisa: Poor lad has enough to worry about, what with that pterosaur.
-Charisa pulls out a vial from her sack.-
Charisa: Ah, here it is, give this to Bevs and make sure he takes it.
Charisa: Should last him a while.
→ Go to Bevon Damerr
YOU: I've brought medicine from Charisa, and I'm to make sure that you take it.
Bevon: Thank'ya, Enkidukai.
-Bevon slowly plays with the vial in his hand.-
Bevon: You know, it wasn't always dis bad.
Bevon: Used ta be tolerable.
-Bevon Damerr's is shaking lightly with a forced smile on his face.-
Bevon: Live with what life gives ya, friend.
Bevon: Speaking of which, I owe Charisa.
Bevon: Hey, could you take something to Charisa for me?
YOU: I can do that.
Bevon: You really are a friend, y'know?
Bevon: Here's the tria.
Bevon: The sack is secure.
Bevon: Just in case you done get robbed, y'see.
-Bevon smiles lightly.-
Bevon: Troublin' times and all.
Bevon: Thanks again, pal.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: I've brought payment from Bevon.
Charisa: Oh, thank Laanx you are here!
-Charisa takes the offered sack without really paying attention to it.-
Charisa: I just got a message that Bevs collapsed.
Charisa: I'm going there now.
Charisa: Something about a wheezing sound and a pterosaur.
Charisa: He has a brother called Pevrin Damerr in the Winch.
Charisa: I know something about the pterosaur but if you ask his brother about it, I'm sure he could shed some light.
Charisa: Can you enter that area?
YOU: I've been there lots. It's quite pretty.
Charisa: I thought you could.
Charisa: Now off you go to ask Pevrin about pterosaurs.
→ Go to Pevrin Damerr
YOU: So, will you tell me a bit about pterosaurs?
Pevrin: Oh, they're great beasts, these pterosaurs, but they can be dangerous.
Pevrin: My brother Bevon, for instance, had a terrible experience with a pterosaur…
Pevrin: come to think of it, the pterosaur had a terrible time with my brother, too.
Pevrin: Y'see a couple years ago my brother and I were eating lunch together around my pterosaurs and Bevon points at this large one and asks about 'im.
Pevrin: I say that he's an interesting pterosaur and that he's great fun to fly on.
Pevrin: Bevon backs down a bit but, in the end, I get him to fly.
Pevrin: Now, Bevon has this thing with dizziness.
Pevrin: He gets it a lot and he got it while flying which scared him halfway to the Death Realm.
Pevrin: So he grabs real tight round the pterosaur's neck.
Pevrin: It panics and lands, he scrambles away and me and ten of my guys restrain the pterosaur.
Pevrin: It kept wheezing ever after that.
Pevrin: Oh…
Pevrin: hey…
Pevrin: why are you here?
Pevrin: Who sent you?
YOU: Charisa and I were talkin' about your brother.
Pevrin: Is Bevon alright?
Pevrin: Does this by any chance have to do with the pterosaur?
YOU: It very well could, yes.
Pevrin: Ho-hey, that's great, 'ere ya go.
Pevrin: This'll please him.
-Pevrin passes you a piece of paper.-
Pevrin: The pterosaur that Bevon is so afraid of died a few days ago.
Pevrin: I just got the report now.
Pevrin: You should give it to Bevon to see if it soothes his nerves.
Pevrin: Perhaps some good can come of the poor creature's death.
→ Go to Bevon Damerr
YOU: Your brother thought this might calm you a bit.
-Bevon looks at you oddly as you wake him up to give him the report. He reads it slowly, a smile gracing his face as he finishes it.-
Bevon: I hate to celebrate the death of anything but…
Bevon: but this is great news.
Bevon: Thank ya, pal, you've made mah life much better.
Bevon: Here, take this!
Bevon: And this.
Bevon: You really are a pal.
Bevon: I still hate them pterosaurs, though, an' I reckon I always will.
Rewards: 1 Dagger, 30 Faction with Science Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.