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Drifting for a Drifter
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
Taemian: Hey Kid, Wanna buy a mount?
YOU: A mount? Yes, that would be very useful.
Taemian: The first thing you will need is a special gem called Green Gem of the Drifter.
Taemian: I happen to have a few of them right here, but they're not free of course.
Taemian: I will need you to do something for me first.
-Taemian grins.-
Taemian: Go to Nkel and tell him that Raithen sent you to collect the pouch he found the other day.
Taemian: Then come back and give it to me…
Taemian: And be sure not to tell Raithen about this.
→ Go to Nkel
YOU: Raithen sent me to collect the pouch.
Nkel: Ah!
Nkel: Yes.
Nkel: I think I got it here…
Nkel: somewhere…
-Nkel rummages around inside a large sack.-
Nkel: Here it is.
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
YOU: Here it is the pouch.
Taemian: Great!
Taemian: Thank you.
Taemian: Here take the gem.
Taemian: Now all you need to do is go to Levrus Dahrenn in the Magic Shop.
Taemian: I assume you have the Ring of Summon Familiar already, Levrus should be able to enchant that ring using this gem, so you can use it to summon a drifter.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: I'd like my ring to be enchanted with this.
Levrus: Oh right, it's always “Levrus can you enchant this” “Levrus I need a potion of that” and where is everyone when I need something enchanted?
Levrus: Off being beguiled by the purple menace!
Levrus: You want me to enchant your ring eh?
Levrus: Well, I will be more than happy to do that for you, but unfortunately I can not do that unless you have a permit.
Levrus: Go to Jardet Forsill to obtain one.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I need a permit for mounts.
Jardet: Then you have come to the right person.
Jardet: But you will have to answer a few questions before I can approve you for such a permit.
Jardet: Are you ready?
YOU: Yes, I am ready.
Jardet: Good.
Jardet: First of all you must know how to take proper care of your mount.
Jardet: Mounts are living creatures with a high value to the society and to all of nature.
Jardet: Now, which of these creatures must you guard your mount from?
Jardet: Clacker, Rat,Trepor or Ulbernaut?
YOU: Ulbernaut is the most dangerous I guess.
Jardet: Yes, if you are hunting for Ulbernauts you should make sure your mount is in a safe place.
Jardet: Now…
Jardet: we will talk some more about how to take care of your mount.
Jardet: They are after all living creatures and all living creatures have their own special needs.
Jardet: Like you need food, so does your mount.
Jardet: Now…
Jardet: tell me what does a drifter eat?
YOU: It eats fish.
Jardet: Correct.
Jardet: But a drifter has more needs than just food.
Jardet: It needs a lot of grooming and care to.
Jardet: Now tell me what is the best way of grooming a drifter?
YOU: With a soft brush and water.
Jardet: Yes, and remember to never use soap, for it will harm the drifters sensitive skin.
Jardet: Well, you now know everything you needed to know.
Jardet: Here take this permit to Datal Allavium.
Jardet: He has to sign it before it is valid.
Jardet: He will also charge you the proper taxes.
→ Go to Datal Allavium
YOU: I need this permit signed.
Datal: Let me see…
-Datal takes a good long look at the papers.-
Datal: Hmm, everything seems to be in order.
Datal: Signed by Jardet Forsill too.
Datal: Well, then there is only the matter of the taxes to get the permit done.
Datal: I will have to charge you 122 circles.
Datal: Give them to me and I will sign it.
YOU: Here you are the circles.
Datal: Datal Allavium signs the paper and puts a wax seal on it.
Datal: Here you go!
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Here it is all you need: permit and ring.
Levrus: Oh permit and a ring, and I take it you want me to drop everything and tend to you right away.
Levrus: You know, Trepor wiggly feelers don't cook themselves!
Levrus: I should turn you into a rat!
Levrus: Let me see that permit before we continue…
Levrus: Seems to be in order.
-Levrus starts casting a strange spell-
Levrus: There, all done.
Levrus: You can now use your ring to summon a drifter too.
Rewards: 1 Drifter, 9400 XP.