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Drinks in the deep
Required: 7 Red Liquors.
→ Go to Crosh Dunehammer
YOU: Could you use some help?
Crosh: Ah, reinforcements!
Crosh: All right!
-Crosh claps his hands together excitedly.-
Crosh: Now, let's have you watch that way there…
-Crosh points across the chasm to the doorway one can't reach without flying.-
Crosh: And I'll watch, uh, this way.
Crosh: All right.
-Crosh turns and vigilantly stares at one of the other arched passages.-
- Time passes.
-Crosh mutters something nearly inaudible.-
- More time passes.
YOU: What exactly am I looking for?
Crosh: N-no, I don't want more fish, ma.
-Crosh mumbles something else too garbled to make out, and then begins to snore quietly.-
YOU: I think you're drooling on your armour.
Crosh: Hu-Wha?
- Crosh jumps and looks around with a stern frown.
Crosh: Did you see something?
Crosh: Are they coming?
Crosh: Hmm…
Crosh: I don't see anything.
-Crosh puts a hand to his ear, listening intently for a minute.-
Crosh: Maybe it's just one of them miners.
Crosh: Always coming down here, they are.
Crosh: Never understood the appeal, myself.
-Crosh yawns, stretches and then smacks his lips together thoughtfully.-
Crosh: Y'know, I could really go for a few drinks right now.
Crosh: Like three or four…
-Crosh looks at you and smiles as an idea strikes him.-
Crosh: I got it!
Crosh: I can't leave here, because I've been assigned, you know.
Crosh: But if you're here to help me, then you got to follow my orders.
Crosh: I hereby order you, Sir Reinforcement Nolthrir What's-yer-name to bring me four- no, no, let's do this right…
Crosh: bring me seven mugs of red liquor.
-Crosh winks at you.-
Crosh: I'll give you something decent to make it worth your while afterward.
YOU: YOU hands over the mugs, trying not to spill them.
Crosh: Aah, these'll hit the spot indeed, thanks!
-Crosh glances around, his arms full of mugs.-
Crosh: No upper officers in sight, heheh.
-Crosh drinks greedily at the first mug and burps loudly.-
Crosh: Mmmm….
Crosh: been toooo long since I had some of this.
-Crosh glances around once more and pulls at the mug again, quickly finishing the liquor.-
Crosh: Yaar!
Crosh: Now, let's see.
-Crosh sets the mugs down, keeping a full one in his hand, while the other fishes in his purse for a bit before taking out three lumps of silver ore.-
Crosh: Found these down here the other day, I did.
Crosh: Talad knows where it came from; maybe it fell out of one of them miner's pockets.
-Crosh shrugs and pushes it into your hand.-
Crosh: All yours now, soldier.
-Crosh quickly polishes off a second mug and tosses it into the chasm, listening for the clatter of it hitting the bottom.-
Crosh: Pretty deep hole, that is, eh?
Crosh: You seen that creepy fellow that lurks around down there?
YOU: tell me more about this person.
Crosh: Calls himself 'Zak' he does, you know?
-Crosh takes up a third mug and sips at it.-
Crosh: But I'll…
Crosh: I'll tell you something.
Crosh: That's not his real name.
Crosh: Not at all.
-Crosh waves the mug gently in the air before taking a long drink from it.-
Crosh: Aah, excellent stuff.
Crosh: Thank you for again for fetching it, Sir.
-Crosh suddenly stops moving and looks around intently.-
Crosh: I thought I heard something.
YOU: So, what is his real name?
Crosh: Ahh, now that I can't tell you.
-Crosh finishes his third mug and tosses it over, pausing to wait for the smash.-
Crosh: I don't know.
Crosh: I just happened to overhear him having a conversation down there with this Dermorian lady one day.
-Crosh shrugs, burps, and takes up another mug. He sips at it as he looks around, squinting off into the passageways.-
Crosh: Real creepy fellow.
Crosh: Gotta be, to spend all your time down here, eh?
-Crosh laughs a while, perhaps too long.-
YOU: What did the Dermorian lady say?
Crosh: Oh bosh, I wouldn't know!
Crosh: Do I look like some kind of eavesdropper to you?
-Crosh frowns at you and looks away, lifting his fourth mug for a series of sizeable swallows.-
Crosh: Recruits these days, I don't know what's going to become of the army.
-Crosh peers into the mug, sighs, and tosses it downward, the last bit of liquor spraying outward as the mug tumbles against the stone walls and down into the void.-
-Crosh takes up another mug and stands holding it for a moment, studying you.-
Crosh: I shouldn't have mentioned that.
Crosh: That fellow is bad news, soldier.
-Crosh glances around and lowers his voice.-
Crosh: I might tell you, for a golden circle.
-Crosh nods once and drinks from his mug.-
YOU: Here's your money. Tell me your tale.
Crosh: Thank you kindly.
-Crosh leans down and stuffs the coin into his boot. He straightens and looks around before whispering to you.-
Crosh: So, I was a little bit off-duty, looking for some grubs, and I come round a corner, and I see them people down below and I hear them talking.
Crosh: The lady said something like 'your mum would not approve' and he says 'if she did, I wouldn't have to be spending so much time down here with the madmen and the monsters.'
-Crosh rubs his head with his hand and chews on his beard a moment before drinking from his mug. He continues quietly talking.-
Crosh: I don't know about the 'madmen' part, mostly it's just me and the miners down here…
Crosh: anyway, so she says, uh, she says 'I'll take care of it, don't worry,' um, yeah.
Crosh: That's where he said something about his name, he did.
-Crosh nods for a while, looking as though his drinking is beginning to affect him.-
YOU: Quit nattering and tell me his real name!
Crosh: Ohh.
-Crosh gently shakes his head.-
Crosh: No, no, that's secret information, soldier.
Crosh: I mean, I didn't hear it anyway.
Crosh: I didn't want to: I left, you know.
Crosh: Safer that way.
-Crosh takes a sizable sip from the mug.-
Crosh: Maybe you should call it a day.
Crosh: I'm sure that I can handle it a bit longer here, now that I've had this bit of fortifying.
-Crosh burps again.-
Crosh: Yeah, that's it: Soldier, you are relieved.
-Crosh sketches a salute with his mug.-
Crosh: Careful on the stairs now, and keep an sharp eye out for the enemy.
Rewards: Nothing.