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Easamau Lost his Badge
Required: 1 Badge.
[INFO]: You get the Badge by completing the Hinoserri Cannot See quest.
→ Go to Easamau
YOU: You look worried. Can I be of service?
Easamau: I lost my badge.
Easamau: If my commander Aerayau Strongwill finds out, I will discharged from the Sunshine Squadron.
Easamau: If you can find it, I possibly have a job for you indeed; until then, I can't help you.
Easamau: Will you please try to find it?
YOU: Yes.
Easamau: Wonderful, and thank you.
YOU: Here's your badge, safe and sound.
Easamau: Very good!
Easamau: Now if you ask me later, I have something important I need done.
Rewards: Nothing.