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Emporium raid
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Rinna Voladrand
YOU: How are you?
Rinna: As you may know, we had a raid at our Emporium shop some time ago.
Rinna: We never found the thieves.
Rinna: Maybe you can help me to discover a bit more.
Rinna: Are you interested?
YOU: Alright.
Rinna: Great!
Rinna: I will tell you a secret about it.
Rinna: The night before the attack, I heard a strange noise come from the common room.
Rinna: I went to check and found a note written in an odd language.
Rinna: I…
Rinna: I have no heart to tell Boralis my discovery.
Rinna: I do not wish him to go on a fit of revenge.
Rinna: My only fear now is that if we don't find the outlaws, they will turn against us again in the future.
Rinna: I will give you the note.
Rinna: Seek out anyone who might know about thievery.
Rinna: Return to me when you have gained any information.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: What do you know about this note?
Zak: Hey, what's this?
Zak: These are dangerous words…
Zak: More than you realize.
Zak: I will not tell you anything about it.
Zak: I have nothing to fear from you.
Zak: You've got nothing on me.
Zak: What are you going to do?
YOU: I am sure the guards would like to know you are down here.
Zak: Hey, I do not wish to be tortured for what my head holds.
Zak: I've done nothing wrong!
-Zak looks around nervously.-
Zak: Ok, 'Leeshaile shold saardh' is Rogue tongue for, 'You have been marked.' Press me no more: I wish to stay away from such dirty business.
→ Go to Rinna Voladrand
YOU: It seems you have been marked.
Rinna: Oh my…
Rinna: Sweet, merciful…
Rinna: 'Leeshaile shol saardh' means 'You have been marked?' Thank you for this bit of information.
Rinna: This means we are in real trouble!
Rinna: I need to know who they are.
Rinna: Please, return to your source and hand them the note, asking them who wrote the note.
Rinna: I must know.
Rinna: It is the only way to aid my husband.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: I need more information.
Zak: Again?
Zak: Hey what you want this time?
YOU: Who wrote this note?
Zak: Let me look at it.
-Zak inspects the note carefully.-
Zak: Mmmmm…
Zak: I think I know who wrote it, but disclosing that to you seems not a good idea if it's not for someone I care.
Zak: Who received that note?
YOU: Rinna and Boralis Voladrand
Zak: Ah, Rinna and Boralis.
Zak: They sell me stuff and don't judge me when I keep my face concealed.
Zak: Very well, I will tell you then.
Zak: My guess would be that the Onyx Dagger wrote this note.
Zak: They are the only active group in the Hydlaa region who uses this dialect of Rogue tongue.
Zak: I have answered as you wished; now leave me be.
→ Go to Rinna Voladrand
YOU: It seems that the Onyx dagger is behind the raid.
Rinna: So the Bandits are named 'Onyx Dagger!'
Rinna: I shall remember that.
Rinna: Thank you for finding this out.
Rinna: I would certainly feel safer if you spoke with my friend, the guard Rabartus about the Onyx Dagger group so they can be punished.
Rinna: He may even reward you.
Rinna: Would you do this for me?
YOU: Yes, I would be happy to deliver the message.
Rinna: Thank you very much.
Rinna: That relieves my mind.
→ Go to Rabartus Livrandar
YOU: The Onyx dagger is responsible for the raid on Rinna and Boralis's Emporium.
Rabartus: Yes, what of it?
-Rabartus listens to the tale.-
Rabartus: The Onyx Dagger?
Rabartus: Ah!
Rabartus: That's a good lead, but I know little about you.
Rabartus: How I can trust you?
Rabartus: Do you have any evidence to support what you are saying?
Rabartus: If so, I'll take it now.
YOU: I have this note that they left behind.
Rabartus: That's great.
Rabartus: now that we have evidence we can investigate.
Rabartus: Thanks for your help, citizen; this city needs more people like you.
Rabartus: Take this as a reward.
Rewards: 15 Faction with Crafting Association, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.