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Executioner Games
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: Excuse me, I am looking for work.
-You see a Klyros walking away in the distance.-
-Deelor looks up from the letters he now holds in his hands.-
Deelor: Ze mail run.
-Deelor flips through the letters.-
Deelor: Vor me…
Deelor: Vor me…
Deelor: Vor me…
-Deelor pauses in his flipping.-
Deelor: Zis one iz for Gordy…
- Deelor turns to you.
Deelor: You seeks verk friend Dermorian, verk I geev.
-Deelor looks back at the letter in his hand and seems to grow curious.-
Deelor: But steel I vonder…
-Deelor looks back to you and randomly holds out a different letter.-
Deelor: Zake dis to Kimlorm and I vill revard you vith ze tria.
Deelor: Vill you?
YOU: I vill, sure!
-Deelor hands you the letter.-
Deelor: Eet iz seemple.
Deelor: Much hayst, go now and return ven feenished and tellz me eet iz done.
→ Go to Kimlorm
YOU: This letter is for you.
-Kimlorm takes the letter.-
Kimlorm: Thank you for delivering this.
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: It is done.
-Deelor smiles and sets down a letter.-
-Deelor quickly wipes his hands with a rag, smudging some ink which causes his fur to look even darker at the tips of his fingers.-
Deelor: Very goodz.
Deelor: Here ees ze tria revard.
-Deelor hands you some coins.-
Deelor: Vill you verk once more?
YOU: Sure, I can.
-Deelor checks the ink on the letter and then folds it carefully before handing it to you.-
Deelor: Take dis to Gordy in Hydlaa…
-Deelor laughs.-
Deelor: He vill ve much funnik to…
-Deelor waves you off before he starts laughing again.-
Deelor: Vatch zeself and no tellink Gordy vho zent you.
→ Go to Gordy Pumuont
-Gordy takes the letter and opens it, giving you a slightly odd look before starting to read.-
Gordy: …kikiri execution for refusal to pay taxes…kikiri execution…
-Gordy's eyes narrow as he looks back to you.-
Gordy: What is this?
Gordy: A joke? Who sent this?
-Gordy flips the letter over, looking for a signature or a seal.-
Possible Ways: 3
Way 1:
YOU: somebody
-Gordy lets out a frustrated growl.-
Gordy: Do I look amused?
Gordy: That does not tell me who!
-Gordy takes a menacing step forward.-
Gordy: Who sent you?
Gordy: I want a name!
YOU: I can’t tell you
-Gordy growls and clenches his fists.-
Gordy: Run back to your master puppet and tell that wretch I am not amused.
-Gordy seems to be shaking with the effort of controlling his rage.-
Gordy: Go now before I do something your head will regret!
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: Gordy was not amused, in fact, he seemed very angry.
-Deelor laughs.-
Deelor: Very goodz Enkidukai, very goodz.
-Deelor looks you over obviously trying to make a decision.-
Deelor: I am goink to geev you an amazink opportunity.
-Deelor grins broadly.-
Deelor: You have shown some great potential.
-Deelor hands you a small platinum coin.-
Deelor: Take dis to Rulayne if you vish to learn about Her.
-Deelor leans forward and whispers his next words.-
Deelor: I sink you vould find Her vords call to you, her voice iz so much sweeter zan Talad’s and her face…
-Deelor’s voice trails off and he stands straight and proud as he hands you some tria.-
Deelor: Your revard for your verk.
Way 2, 3:
YOU: Deelor Blackeye sent it.
-Gordy looks shocked for a moment and then starts laughing.-
Deelor: That…
-Gordy continues to laugh.-
Deelor: It makes much more sense now, he told me at the last…
-Gordy pauses.-
Deelor: Time to get even I say, I was saving this for that loud self-proclaimed prophet but…
-Gordy smirks to himself and pulls a small vial from his pocket.-
Deelor: …will you take this back to Deelor for me?
YOU: yes
-Gordy cackles.-
Deelor: Thank you, give me just a moment.
-Gordy retrieves a quill and writes a short note on the bottom of letter.-
Deelor: Now, be sure to stand back when Deelor opens this.
-Gordy takes a deep breath and holds it before sprinkling some powder from the vial onto the letter. Folding the letter carefully he hands it back to you and exhales.-
Deelor: Remember, stand back.
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: This is for you, from Gordy.
-Deelor accepts the letter but he looks confused.-
Deelor: Vat eez dis?
-Deelor opens the letter and his confusion grows.-
Deelor: All it saz eez…
-Deelor's eyes grow large and his whiskers begin to twitch.-
Deelor: to your health…
-Deelor sneezes.-
Deelor: Oy vat…
-Deelor sneezes again and looks at the letter.-
Deelor: Vat is goink on?
-Deelor sneezes again and he quickly crumples the letter and tosses it far.-
Deelor: Vhy did you brink dis letter back?
-Deelor looks at you, his eyes still watering.-
Deelor: Did you say vho zent you?
Way 2:
YOU: Um, well, it kind of slipped out.
-Deelor seems surprised.-
Deelor: You told Gordy I zent you!
-Deelor wipes his eyes and sneezes again.-
Deelor: I thooht I vold you not to say!
Deelor: No more verk for you, be on your vay.
-Deelor frowns and tosses some tria to you before turning away, sneezing yet again.-
Way 3:
Deelor: Did you say vho zent you?
YOU: No, no, of course I didn't.
-Deelor looks skeptical.-
Deelor: Den vhy am I sneezink?
-Deelor wipes his eyes and shakes his head.-
Deelor: I do not sink you are tellink me ze truth but I have no proof.
-Deelor tosses you some coins.-
Deelor: Here ees ze tria I agreed to.
-Deelor sneezes.-
Deelor: I have no more verk for you.
-Deelor turns away, sneezing once again.-
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Rulayne's Small Coin, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP, [Way 2] 1297 Tria, 9400 XP, [Way 3] 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.