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Feeding the Guard
Required: 2 Coal Lumps, 1 Iron Ore, 2 Oil of Vitriol, 1 Stibine.
→ Go to Belcor Krakko
YOU: Hi, anything I can help with?
-Belcor is working on making some sort of kran food.-
Belcor: You're looking for work?
-Kra runs a hand over his head.-
Belcor: Hmm..I'm sure I can dig something up…
Belcor: The annual banquet for the Gugrontid Guard is coming up soon and Gurgus still hasn't gotten me kra's list of attendees and what they want for dinner.
-Kra sighs.-
YOU: Sounds like they take your good cooking for granite…
-Belcor squints at you and tries to look at you annoyed, if you look closely you can see a glimmer in kra's eyes.-
Belcor: Keep making puns like that and our friendship will be off to a rocky start…
Belcor: Anyway, for Kran it's healthiest to eat the same or similar minerals that we seem to be made of.
Belcor: I wanted to get a list of Kran that are attending and what they are composed of so I can serve them a somewhat healthy main course.
Belcor: I don't want the guards getting too out of shape to fight off those ulbernauts.
Belcor: Though I suppose I will serve some sort of platinum or gold dessert as well…
Belcor: I seem to be rambling.
Belcor: Would you go get the list from Gurgus?
YOU: Sure I can help you with that.
Belcor: Please hurry back so I can place an order with my suppliers.
Belcor: Gurgus should be near the top of the city.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Belcor sent me to get the guest list and meal orders.
Gurgus: Oh..I uh…
Gurgus: I've been busy with planning other..things…
Gurgus: It's not quite finished yet.
Gurgus: While I finish up go check if Malco has gotten his armour fixed up and shined so kra looks decent for the banquet.
Gurgus: Kra's equipment is always in need of some kind of repair.
Gurgus: Kra is too absent minded to do it without being reminded.
Gurgus: Malco should be on duty right now at the base of the ramp.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Gurgus sent me to see if you have had your armour fixed up for the banquet.
Malco: Malco likes armour scruffy.
Malco: Malco armour has battle scars.
Malco: Malco armour tell story of ulbernaut!
-Malco points to a large dent in kras armour.-
Malco: Ulbernaut hit Malco with arm swinging!
Malco: Ouch.
Malco: Malco okay now.
-Malco grins and lifts his hammer high.-
Malco: Malco hit ulbernaut head hard!
-A loud grumbling sound can be heard coming from Malco.-
-Malco looks down at kras belly and back up at you.-
Malco: Malco give armour for snack!
Malco: Malco break for snack.
Malco: Malco need armour to guard.
YOU: Alright I'll go see if I can get Belcor to make you a snack.
-Malco offers a goofy looking grin as a reply.-
→ Go to Belcor Krakko
YOU: I need to get a snack for Malco.
Belcor: That kra is always hungry!
Belcor: How about I show you how to make some simple food for kran?
Belcor: Maybe later you can help me with the lunch rush.
YOU: Sounds great.
Belcor: I know what you can help me make, nice, simple and quick.
Belcor: A smith's soup.
Belcor: First we will need two coal lumps, one iron ore lump, two oil of vitriols, and one stibine.
Belcor: Go gather those up and come back.
YOU: I've got it all, now what.
-Belcor smiles at you.-
Belcor: Let me be clear we might use the same tools as those that perform alchemy.
Belcor: But this isn't alchemy.
Belcor: It's exactly like Jomed cooking his fish or steaming some carrots…
Belcor: Much nicer tasting, but the same.
Belcor: You'll need this.
-Belcor takes out a dirty looking book and hands it to you.-
Belcor: Look through that and then let me know when you are ready to try making a little something for Malco.
Belcor: And you'll need some tools.
YOU: I think I understand the basic recipes.
-Belcor looks at you and crunches on some gems for a few moments.-
Belcor: Sorry, just needed a little snack.
Belcor: You know how hungry cooking can make you.
-Kra chuckles a little, small chips of gem spurt out into the air.-
-Belcor doesn't seem too bothered about what kra just did as kra starts to explain how to make the dish.-
Belcor: So..
Belcor: first you need to make some powdered coal, you can do this by holding a wooden mallet, placing the coal on the alchemy table and use that to bash it into a powder.
Belcor: Let me know when you are done.
Belcor: And I've a few tools lying about you can help yourself too.
YOU: So what's next?
-Belcor knocks some more gem pieces from kras cheek.-
Belcor: Yes, ok, right.
Belcor: Now you need to make an iron ore solution.
Belcor: You need to powder an iron ore the same way you did with the coal.
Belcor: Then combine that with two oil of vitriols.
Belcor: Then take that mix and using a crucible and glass stirrer mix it into some iron ore solutions.
YOU: I've got the iron ore solutions, what's next?
Belcor: The last step is easy.
Belcor: First take the second coal lump and using a wooden mallet and the alchemy table first break it into large chunks, and then one of those large chunks into small chunks.
Belcor: Then take the powdered coal, two of those small chunks of coal, iron ore solution and one stibine.
Belcor: I actually have one extra you can have.
-Kra hands you a sample of stibine.-
Belcor: You need to combine all of these into a smith's soup mix.
Belcor: Then move that to a melting pot and mix it with a glass stirrer until its formed a smith's soup.
Belcor: And once you have that run it over to Malco while it's still hot.
Belcor: Once you've prepared it all, just take it directly to Malco.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: I've made this for you Malco.
Malco: Snack!
-Malco wraps you in a quick bear hug and then unstraps kras armour before giving it to you.-
Malco: Malco break now.
Malco: Malco eat.
Malco: Malco wait for armour.
-Malco then turns and starts to eat kras food.-
-Kra waves goodbye as soup trickles down kras chin.-
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: I need this armour fixed and shined up.
Gardr: Ah is this Malco's?
Gardr: I've been expecting this.
Gardr: Gurgus has already paid me to fix it.
Gardr: For once kra remembered to pay me before hand.
Gardr: Come back in a little while and I'll have this good as new.
-Gardr bangs out the dents and shines up the armour before handing it back.-
-You have to wait for 5 minutes before you can continue this quest.-
YOU: Are you finished?
-Gardr takes a few seconds just to finish off.-
Gardr: Here you are, Enkidukai.
Gardr: Almost as good as new.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Here you go Malco. Your armour is all fixed and shined up.
-Malco takes the armour and puts it back on.-
Malco: Malco like shiny.
Malco: Malco happy.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Malco's armour is taken care of.
Gurgus: Good, good.
Gurgus: Here is that list you needed.
-Kra hands you the list.-
Gurgus: You'd better get that to Belcor as soon as you can.
→ Go to Belcor Krakko
YOU: Here is the list you need.
Belcor: Ah!
Belcor: About time Gurgus got that finished.
Belcor: Thanks for all of your help.
Belcor: You're a gem.
-Belcor laughs at kras own joke before going into the back room to make sure kra has all the ingredients kra needs.-
Rewards: 1 Cooking with Minerals, 1 Wooden Mallet, 1 Glass Stirrer, 1 Stibine, 13600 XP.