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Finara's Lunch
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Finara Plund
YOU: Must be hard work standing around, can I help?
Finara: Oh, you're so kind to want to help.
Finara: My friend Kaiman Jilatt was supposed to have brought me lunch, but he's late again.
Finara: Please go to him and bring me my lunch sack.
Finara: I'll give you a little something for your trouble.
Finara: Can I count on you?
YOU: Yes, you can count on me!
Finara: Thank you so much!
Finara: Just tell him I sent you.
Finara: Please hurry.
→ Go to Kaiman Jilatt
YOU: Finara sent me to ask for her lunch!
Kaiman: Is it that time already?
Kaiman: I had totally forgotten.
Kaiman: It's right here, in fact.
Kaiman: Here you go, one lunch sack full of bread and roast meat.
Kaiman: I'm sure she'll like it.
→ Go to Finara Plund
YOU: Here is your lunch.
Finara: Ah, a lunch fit for Finara!
Finara: Thank you for bringing me the sack.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.