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Finra's Gift
Required: 1 Iron Ore, 1 Gold Ore, 1 Diamond Crystal.
→ Go to Finra Neticlo
YOU: Need anymore help?
-Finra looks at you curiously before his face breaks into a smile as he recognises you.-
Finra: You have helped Finra before!
Finra: Do it again?
YOU: Yes, I am here to serve.
Finra: Good!
Finra: Finra needs a gift!
Finra: It must be amazing.
Finra: There is no gift like this gift.
Finra: Go to Charisa Malod and ask her about gifts, she'll know!
Finra: Go, please, Kran.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: I was told you know all about gifts.
Charisa: You want to know about gifts?
Charisa: Gifts for a lady, perhaps?
-Charisa smiles fondly.-
Charisa: Most of the jewellery my husband gives me comes from…
-Charisa looks around carefully making sure nobody can overhear.-
Charisa: Trasok Starhammer.
Charisa: He makes some pretty things in his free time.
Charisa: Most women would love something pretty.
-Charisa looks you up and down.-
Charisa: You aren't embarrassed, so I imagine you are asking for a friend then?
Charisa: No matter, just tell whoever it is to use Trasok…can't go wrong that way.
→ Go to Finra Neticlo
YOU: Charisa recommends Trasok for all your gifting needs.
Finra: Oh, Finra has heard of that!
Finra: Yes, it will be perfect.
Finra: Go to Trasok, get one for Finra.
Finra: Please. Finra will reward you well.
Finra: Finra wants necklace.
Finra: Ask Trasok about it for Finra.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I am looking for a necklace please.
-Trasok gets a decidedly sour look on his face.-
Trasok: Aye, I make necklaces, but don't let the word get around, y'hear?
-Trasok's look brightens a bit.-
Trasok: Let's see…I've been working on one of real beauty but, I'll need your help to get the rest of the material I'll need to finish it.
Trasok: First, I'll need a lump of iron ore and a gold ore as well.
Trasok: Last I'll need a diamond.
Trasok: Got that?
Trasok: Bring those to me and I'll give it to you for free.
Trasok: Can't have it lying around here.
YOU: gives Trasok one iron ore.
Trasok: Aye, this'll do nicely.
Trasok: You have the gold?
YOU: gives Trasok one gold ore.
Trasok: Fragile stuff, but the women love it.
Trasok: I personally prefer silver…
Trasok: Oh, and the diamond?
YOU: gives Trasok one diamond crystal.
Trasok: There we go, that should do it.
Trasok: Hmm, I should get to work…
Trasok: This is going to be beautiful!
-Trasok unlocks a small drawer and pulls out the necklace. Turning around he shields it from sight with his body as he puts on the finishing touches. After a few moments he hands it to you.-
Trasok: I've been working on it for a while.
Trasok: I just sent you to get the raw materials for my next masterpiece.
Trasok: Hope ya don't mind.
-Trasok laughs.-
Trasok: Either way, here's the trinket.
Trasok: Now you keep your mouth shut about this!
→ Go to Finra Neticlo
YOU: gives Finra the necklace that Trasok made.
Finra: It's perfect.
Finra: Finra is well pleased!
Finra: Thank you, Kran.
Finra: Finra heard your name was YOU.
-Finra smiles lightly.-
Finra: Finra hears things.
Finra: Thank you, YOU, here you go.
Finra: Finra will see you later, Finra is sure.
Rewards: 25 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.