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Fixing the Broken
Required: 9 Iron Ores, 1 Coal Lump.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Do you have any jobs I can do?
-Gardr looks at you with a distant expression.-
Gardr: I was just going through my mentor's old things and I stumbled across a note from Gurgus Dahnik.
Gardr: Appears Malco's broken another warhammer…
-Gardr head shakes in disbelief.-
Gardr: My mentor was always fixing those things for kra.
Gardr: Can you pick up the hammer up from Malco while I finish going through these things?
YOU: Yes, I can go and see kra now.
Gardr: Thank you, you should be able to find Malco…
-Gardr looks thoughtful.-
Gardr: hmm…
Gardr: well…
Gardr: somewhere in Gugrontid.
Gardr: Kra moves about so much.
Gardr: When you find Malco, ask kra to give you the warhammer.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: I'm here to collect your warhammer for Gardr.
Malco: Take care of.
Malco: Malco like hammer.
Malco: Want back soon.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Here you go Gemma.
Gardr: My trepor feet!
Gardr: What has kra been hitting with this thing?
Gardr: Go ask kra what happened to cause so much damage, I am curious.
Gardr: Come back once you know.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Gardr would like to know what caused all that damage.
-Malco makes a displeased sound.-
Malco: Malco hit ulbernaut.
Malco: Malco smash ulbernaut.
Malco: Malco keep village safe.
-Malco beams proudly and then turns and scans the horizon, ending the discussion.-
Malco: Malco keep village safe.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Malco hit an ulbernaut.
-Gardr stumbles and looks at you quickly.-
Gardr: An ulbernaut!
-Gardr's expression shows great distress.-
Gardr: Are you curious how I came to be the smith here?
YOU: Now that you mention it, yes I am.
Gardr: Because we are so close to the Bronze Doors region we are often attacked by creatures from that region.
Gardr: During the last attack a small pack of ulbernauts rampaged through the Lower Village.
-Gardr entire frame shudders.-
Gardr: My mentor was killed in the attack.
Gardr: I was the apprentice then, a simple miner, working my way up…and now I am the smith.
Gardr: Kra taught me well!
-Gardr stands proud.-
Gardr: I have a thought for a special weapon that might stop them, but I need more information.
Gardr: Will you help me research these creatures?
YOU: Yes, I’d be happy to look into them for you.
Gardr: I am glad you are willing to help, it has been years since I have been to the library.
-Gardr gestures a hand in the direction of Hydlaa.-
Gardr: Go to the city of Hydlaa, to the library there, and find a book about ulbernauts.
Gardr: I need to know the average weight of an ulbernaut.
Gardr: Once you know, come back and tell me.
YOU: 600 kg
-Gardr grins.-
Gardr: I was only about fifty kilograms off…
Gardr: my plan might work after all.
-Gardr realizes you are still there.-
Gardr: Oh!
Gardr: Thank you…
Gardr: Would you do me one more favour to help fix this warhammer then?
YOU: Yes I’ll help, what do you need?
Gardr: What I need to fix this…
-Gardr looks at the warhammer.-
Gardr: I have what I need on hand, but I will need to replenish my stocks or I will not be able to fill my next order for the guard.
Gardr: Go and bring me nine pieces of iron ore and one lump of coal.
Gardr: I will work on repairing this while you are mining.
Gardr: Return once you have them all, but be sure to give the iron ore first, this very important.
-Gardr pauses for a moment and then gives you several hexa.-
Gardr: And take this, an early start on your reward.
YOU: Here are the iron ore.
Gardr: Thank you, now the coal.
YOU: …and the coal lump.
Gardr: Thank you again, Kran.
Gardr: I have managed to fix the warhammer while you were gone; it is good as new.
-Gardr grins and gives you the repaired hammer.-
Gardr: Nay, it is better then new!
Gardr: Take this now, and return it to Malco, I am sure kra misses it.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Here you go Malco, good as new!
-Malco accepts the warhammer and takes an excited practice swing.-
Malco: Malco like.
Malco: Make Malco happy.
Malco: Malco thank Gemma.
-Malco picks up a war club and hands it to you and then digs in a purse for several coins and passes those to you as well.-
Malco: Malco not need.
Malco: Malco give.
Malco: Fare well.
Rewards: 1 Wheel Shield Diagram, 1 War Club, 30 Faction with Smith Association, 4214 Tria, 30000 XP.