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Flowers for Mirra
Required: 3 Charmflowers.
[INFO]: You can find the Charmflowers near Nyshyn.
→ Go to Trankin Quartzforger
YOU: Is there anything I can help you with?
-Trankin blushes slightly but regains his calmness quickly.-
Trankin: Aye, there is indeed a task me needs help with.
Trankin: There is this dwarven lass…
-Trankin clears his throat nervously.-
Trankin: Me'd like to send her some flowers.
-Trankin looks slightly embarrassed.-
Trankin: Me's not used to these things, ya know?
Trankin: Could ya help me?
YOU: Anything for love, what do you want me to do?
Trankin: Me knew me could rely on ya, Enkidukai.
Trankin: The lass is named Mirra Houphen and lives in Hydlaa.
Trankin: Me don't know much about flowers, so me hopes me can rely on ya to find a suitable gift for her.
Trankin: Me knows she often visits Jardet in the gardens, me thinks he might have some ideas too.
-YOU go pick 4 Charmflowers near Nyshyn.-
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: Four lovely Charmflowers for one lovely lady.
Mirra: Oh my, It had been a while since I have seen so many charmflowers.
-Mirra takes the flowers from you and raises them to her nose.-
Mirra: I do so much enjoy the smell.
Mirra: They are very hard to find.
Mirra: It must have taken you quite some time to collect them all.
-Mirra smiles as she looks at the flowers.-
Mirra: Was this your idea?
YOU: No, I cannot take the credit for it.
-Mirra eyes brighten with joy.-
Mirra: Oh, well who sent them then?
YOU: It is from Trankin Quartzforger.
-Mirra blushes shyly.-
Mirra: How nice of him, tell him that I liked the flowers greatly.
→ Go to Trankin Quartzforger
YOU: Well done, Trankin. Mirra loved the flowers.
-Trankin looks content at your news.-
Trankin: Thank ya, Sir.
Trankin: Me thinks me might be able to find the nerves to make the next delivery meself.
-Trankin rummages around and produces a few coins, handing them to you.-
Trankin: Here's a reward for ya help, which me appreciates.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.