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Forging Platinum Steel Blades
Required: 1 Platinum Steel Stock.
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YOU: Hi! I have learned much since the last time!
Harnquist: Hey YOU.
Harnquist: Good to see you.
Harnquist: I'm proud of you then, but what exactly did you learn?
YOU: I learned how to create special metals! Unique ones.
Harnquist: Oh, you went further that I thought then.
Harnquist: Very interesting indeed.
Harnquist: I have some knowledge of rare metals, those are very expensive, but extremely powerful.
Harnquist: Their hardness is giving unique properties to the weapons and armors forged.
YOU: I need a book to learn how to forge those metals into useful items, can you help me?
Harnquist: I can help you, but I need some of those metals for myself in return.
Harnquist: Alright?
YOU: Alright, we can discuss how many you need.
Harnquist: Perfect!
Harnquist: Then I will share with you some of my knowledge on this.
YOU: How many minerals you need?
Harnquist: I have to forge a pretty large sword for the Vigesimi, he will use it mainly as display in tournaments, and for that I need two platinum steel stocks.
Harnquist: I have one already, but I'm missing the second one.
Harnquist: I can provide you the book and all information to create a platinum steel weapons if you bring me one platinum steel stock.
Harnquist: Remember a stock and not an ingot!
YOU: That's a pretty expensive request. It will take me some time to collect it, but I really want that book and knowledge, so it's a deal!
Harnquist: Great!
Harnquist: Just hand over to me the platinum steel stock when you have it.
YOU: I've forged the rare stock! Here it is.
Harnquist: Perfect timing, I can use it for the Vigesimi order.
Harnquist: Now here is your book.
YOU: Can you summarize for me how it works?
Harnquist: Sure.
Harnquist: It's simpler than you think.
Harnquist: If you want to create a longsword, you have to heat the stock as usual, and then shape it with the hammer into an alpha blade.
YOU: Anything else you can tell me?
Harnquist: The rare metals are more difficult to work with, so be sure to practice a lot and get good training.
Harnquist: Then with hammering and heating you go through beta and delta blades.
Harnquist: Then to the assembly phase.
Harnquist: The handle is the same as a normal sword, just the blade is made of rare metals usually.
Harnquist: The best way is really to try it yourself!
Rewards: 1 Forging Platinum Steel Blades, 75 Faction with Smith Association, 12958 Tria, 17800 XP.