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From Archmaster to Archmaster
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Ferryd Shillor
YOU: Do you have anyting I can do?
Ferryd: As a matter of fact I do have need of you.
Ferryd: It's a pretty menial task that I wouldn't lower myself to do.
Ferryd: And I know while you're pretty respected around here, this is for a very important person and I can't give it to just anyone.
Ferryd: Can you spare the time?
YOU: I will be happy to help.
Ferryd: Ah, well done.
Ferryd: This is for Govell Mihdren, the Archmaster of the Crystal Way.
Ferryd: From Archmaster to Archmaster.
Ferryd: Ensure it goes into his hands directly.
Ferryd: Don't open it, either.
-Ferryd places the package in your hands with a snicker.-
Ferryd: Goodbye for now.
→ Go to Govell Mihdren
YOU: I was asked to deliver this package to you.
Govell: A package?
Govell: From who?
YOU: It is from Ferryd Shillor.
Govell: I see.
Govell: I wonder what the Red Way organization needs.
Govell: Thank you for delivering it.
-Govell unties the bow and opens the package.-
Govell: What in…
-A large boom resounds as black smoke streams over the face of the mage!-
Govell: Ahhhh!
-Govell quickly casts a spell to heal himself, and pats out the remaining flames. He looks furious and grits his teeth.-
Govell: I can't believe he sent me an exploding package.
Govell: Should I take revenge?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Yes, I would.
Govell: You're right.
Govell: Ferryd needs to receive measure for measure.
Govell: He will learn no other way.
-Govell turns his back to you and casts a spell of some kind, wrapping up a parchment hastily.-
Govell: This should do nicely.
-Govell chortles as he hands you the package.-
Govell: Quickly, now: give that to Ferryd.
→ Go to Ferryd Shillor
YOU: hands the package to Ferryd then steps back ever so slightly.
Ferryd: Oho!
Ferryd: So the Archmaster of the Crystal Way has a package for me too, does he?
Ferryd: What will he do?
Ferryd: Heal me?!
-Ferryd laughs heartily.-
Ferryd: So be it.
Ferryd: Let us see what that humourless man has for me.
-Ferryd opens the package.-
Ferryd: What's…
-A bright flash emmanates from the box!-
Ferryd: By Laanx!
Ferryd: I'm blind!
Ferryd: I can't see!
-Ferryd sinks to his knees.-
Ferryd: My package was funny but this is just cruel!
Ferryd: Did you put him up to this?!
Ferryd: Worse still I'll need to see someone who follows the Crystal Way to have my sight restored.
Ferryd: But you did deliver it, so take this as payment…
Ferryd: and BEGONE!
-Ferryd throws a ruby at you.-
Way 2:
YOU: No, you are above that.
Ferryd: I shouldn't?
Ferryd: But…but…
-Govell Mihdren sighs.-
Ferryd: I suppose you're right.
Ferryd: I should not be lowering myself to such pettiness.
Ferryd: Just give him this letter from me, would you?
Ferryd: Thank you kindly.
→ Go to Ferryd Shillor
YOU: holds the letter out for Ferryd to take.
Ferryd: Thank you.
-Ferryd Shillor reads the letter.-
Ferryd: 'Package received?'
-Ferryd Shillor laughs heartily.-
Ferryd: So typical of Govell to take a practical joke so coldly.
Ferryd: You can almost hear him seething as you read the letter.
Ferryd: No sense of humour at all.
Ferryd: Thanks, friend.
Ferryd: Here, have some of these as thanks.
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 300q Ruby Crystal, 10800 XP, [Way 2] 3 300q Ruby Crystals, 12200 XP.