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Gardr's Missing Plans
Required: Winch Access, [Way 1] .
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Hello again.
Gardr: Welcome back, YOU.
Gardr: I have been seeing a lot of you lately.
Gardr: Are you here looking for more work?
YOU: Yes I am, do you have any?
Gardr: Perfect timing!
Gardr: I need you to take some plans to Warinn Klumdt, the Hydlaa engineer.
-Gardr hands you a small rectangular sealed box.-
Gardr: The plans are inside.
Gardr: Warinn will know how to open it.
Gardr: Now, make sure the only person you give that to is Warinn.
Gardr: Travel safely my friend, and be watchful, as the roads are full of all kinds of cutthroats.
→ Go to Warinn Klumdt
YOU: Here, this is from Gardr.
-Warinn's eyes light up with interest.-
Warinn: I have been waiting on this; my interest is definitely piqued.
-Warinn looks at the box and scratches his chin.-
Warinn: Now to remember how to open it…
-Warinn holds the box up and peers at it from different angles.-
Warinn: Ah yes…
-Warinn presses a small notch on the side of the box and a panel slides to the side exposing a small tumbler lock that is set with a series of letters.-
Warinn: Yes yes, I have to set the right words…what was my clue…
-Warinn looks thoughtful.-
Warinn: Gardr told me all I had to do was 'regard sky' and the key would appear.
-Warinn scratches his chin again.-
Warinn: Regard sky…regard sky…rearranged into two words that would represent the way to unlock the chest.
-Warinn looks stumped.-
Warinn: Can you help me?
Warinn: Solve this for me and I shall reward you well.
Warinn: Just speak the answer once you have solved it.
-Warinn fiddles with the lock while he waits for your answer, a puzzled frown on his face-
YOU: gardrs key
-Warinn tries the letters.-
Warinn: By Talad!
Warinn: I think you got it!
-Warinn lifts the lid of the box. His expression shifts from a grin to puzzlement, and then to a worried astonishment.-
Warinn: Oh no…no no…this cannot be!
-Warinn stutters.-
Warinn: It…it…it's empty!
-Warinn's shoulders slump and his head hangs.-
Warinn: What…how…what…
-Warinn looks to you.-
Warinn: It is very important that these plans be found!
Warinn: Will you help me find out what happened to them?
YOU: Of course I will help you.
Warinn: Oh thank goodness!
Warinn: I don't think I can do this on my own.
Warinn: First things first.
Warinn: We need to find more out about this box.
-Warinn nods.-
Warinn: Yes, we do.
Warinn: Go see Noxdar Darmeth; I think he is the one who built this.
Warinn: Ask him about Gardr's box and see what he has to say.
→ Go to Noxdar Darmeth
YOU: What can you tell me about the box you made for Gardr?
-Noxdar smiles proudly.-
Noxdar: One of my first attempts at a little lock box.
Noxdar: I think it turned out quite grand if I don't say so myself.
-Noxdar looks at you with a curious expression.-
Noxdar: Say, you're not the first one to come asking about that box, it must be pretty popular.
Noxdar: There was this Enkidukai that was here just a short time ago asking all kinds of questions.
Noxdar: His name was Pauril, or some such.
Noxdar: I have seen him before, hanging around the Temple of Laanx; looked a mite shifty if you ask me.
-Noxdar arches an eyebrow.-
Noxdar: Might want to ask that fella what he knows.
Noxdar: Oh, and if you need any little things made, remember my good works.
→ Go to Pauril Rentaurin
YOU: What can you tell me about a box that was made for Gardr?
Pauril: Oh that thing?
-Pauril grins.-
Pauril: Not so hard to crack, especially when there's a simple code.
Pauril: Gardr's key.
-Pauril laughs and waves a rolled parchment at you.-
Pauril: Maybe this what you're looking for?
Pauril: I'll just bet it is.
-Pauril laughs again.-
Pauril: Tell you what: if you really want it, I'll sell it to you for ten circles.
-Pauril smiles widely.-
Pauril: Or we can make a bit of a profit and sell it.
Pauril: I have a buyer lined up but I can't go meet him right now because I'm waiting on a…
-Pauril looks around.-
Pauril: …delivery.
Pauril: You go on my behalf and we'll split the profits.
Pauril: So what do you say, buy or sell for profit?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: I'll buy it.
Pauril: No sense of adventure.
Pauril: Give me ten circles and it's yours.
Pauril: If you don't have them on you, just come back when you do.
Pauril: I'm not going anywhere.
YOU: Here are your tria.
-Pauril smirks, his tail twitching slightly.-
Pauril: Pleasure doing business with you.
Pauril: Here you go.
-Pauril hands you the parchment.-
Pauril: They're yours now; who you give 'em to or what you do with 'em isn't my business.
Pauril: But I'm sure someone needs 'em.
→ Go to Warinn Klumdt
Warinn: Ah!
Warinn: Thank goodness you found them!
-Warinn looks grateful. He slips the plans under one arm and digs in his purse for a few coins. Warinn looks down at the coins and nods as he passes them to you.-
Warinn: Please, please, take this for your time and troubles, my good Gemma.
Way 2:
YOU: Let's sell it, I'm liking this profit word.
-Pauril smiles.-
Warinn: I was hoping you would see things my way.
Warinn: You ever heard of Zak?
YOU: yes
Warinn: Good!
-Pauril grins.-
Warinn: Take the parchment and seek out Zak, tell him you have Gardr's plans and when he asks how much, tell him eighty circles, I know he has it.
-Pauril looks stern.-
Warinn: Stand firm on the price.
Warinn: Once you sell the plans, bring the circles back to me and we'll divvy up the loot!
→ Go to Zak
YOU: I have Gardr's plans.
Zak: I've heard rumours that Gardr had plans for some special weapon.
-Zak looks skeptical.-
Zak: You say you have them?
Zak: Are you here to sell them?
YOU: Yes.
Zak: Let's cut to the heart of the matter, I haven't got all day.
Zak: How much?
YOU: Eighty circles.
-Zak shakes his head.-
Zak: Forty circles, that's my only offer.
Zak: Will you take it?
YOU: No.
-Zak mutters something under his breath and then looks at you.-
Zak: All right, eighty.
Zak: Hand over the plans.
→ Go to Zak
Zak: I'll remember this.
-Zak tosses you a pouch filled with tria.-
→ Go to Pauril Rentaurin
YOU: hands Pauril the tria pouch.
Pauril: Good work!
Pauril: I can't believe we pulled this off!
-Pauril counts quickly through the pouch and nods. He passes about half of the coins to you.-
Pauril: You did your part of the deal admirably.
Pauril: Now take this and scuttle off, before someone sees us together.
Rewards: 9922 Tria, 16400 XP, [Way 1] 1 Three Rivet Shield Diagram.