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Gardr Trust
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Good day gemma, I'm an apprentice blacksmith and I would like to learn more.
Gardr: It's not easy for me to dedicate time to new apprentices and at the same time complete my work.
YOU: Well, Trasok sent me.
Gardr: Ah, Trasok is a good friend of mine.
Gardr: I guess he had something in mind.
YOU: Yes, Trasok told me you have lot of knowledge in rare and special metals, I want to learn more about this!
Gardr: Eh!
- Gardr Keck shows you kras palms, raising kras hands
Gardr: I'm sorry Sir, but I cannot provide this special knowledge to anyone coming here and telling me Trasok sent him.
Gardr: May I ask why you need it?
YOU: I need it because Trasok said we needed it to face... [You try to recall the tip from Trasok.]
Gardr: mmm...
Gardr: to face what?
[INFO]: You have to write 'Invasions'.
YOU: Invasions
-A dark shade passes in the eyes of Gardr-
Gardr: Invasions...
Gardr: those have been devastating our lands for long time, and seems we cannot put an end to this.
Gardr: Creatures in need of food hunt peaceful animals, villagers, and anyone these days!
Gardr: People are scared of even going outside the main cities.
Gardr: Is this a way to live?
- Gardr Keck closes kras hand in a fist, shaking it
Gardr: ...
Gardr: But what has this to do with you?
YOU: Exactly! I want to learn how to craft special weapons to be used against those creatures! And I need your help for this!
Gardr: Somehow you are right, but I've seen intelligent races help those creatures, even organizing them...
Gardr: how can I be sure that you will not use this knowledge in a wrong way?
YOU: Tell me what I have to do to prove my good faith.
- Gardr Keck smiles.
Gardr: I can surely use your help, but I cannot guarantee you that I will give you some knowledge in return.
YOU: You are known in Gugrontid and beyond, so I trust your judgment on this choice. Let me prove I'm worthy of that knowledge!
- Gardr Keck thinks for quite some time, looking straight into your eyes...
Gardr: Ok, it's a deal.
-Kra gives you kras right hand.-
YOU: [You shake kras hand.] Deal!
Gardr: There is a lot to do and learn.
Rewards: 30 Faction with Smith Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.