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Gardr Writes a Book
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Hello, Gardr, need some help?
Gardr: Hmmmm?
Gardr: Oh, oh yes, I would love some help.
Gardr: I wrote a book, but I want to know if, hmm…
-Gardr looks thoughtful and then nods slowly to kraself.-
Gardr: Yes, I need to know if it's good enough.
Gardr: Can you help?
YOU: Sure, I will, hand it over.
Gardr: Bring this to…
Gardr: What's kras name…
Gardr: I know kra can help you correct the mistakes on the book.
Gardr: Bring it to kra.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: Gardr needs you to correct the mistakes.
Kerryk: Does kra, now?
Kerryk: Let's see.
-Kerryk starts reading the book, frowning a bit at the horrible calligraphy.-
Kerryk: Someone must teach kra how to write straight…
-Kra starts scribbling on the book, correcting the mistakes.-
Kerryk: Here, take it back to Gardr, please.
Kerryk: Though not sure why kra insists on making this in native Kran rather than Common.
Kerryk: Ah well, kras business.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Here, corrected as you asked.
Gardr: Thank you, Enkidukai.
Gardr: But now I need someone to, uhm, translate it.
Gardr: There is, ah…
Gardr: Yes, the librarian's helper.
Gardr: Ask Jayose.
Gardr: No, ask his helper.
Gardr: Need to translate it to Common.
Gardr: And then ask the Fenki, in the Arena.
Gardr: She knows how to draw.
Gardr: Jayose will copy the book.
Gardr: Make two, no three, no, make it five copies.
Gardr: Yes five copies.
Gardr: Translate then draw then copy.
Gardr: Quick.
→ Go to Arion Fildar
YOU: Please, translate this book for Gardr.
Arion: Fine, fine!
Arion: I will.
Arion: But it will be a round circle for the job.
-Arion holds out his hand.-
YOU: Here you go, a circle.
Arion: Give me a minute.
Arion: Lucky for you I just happen to have my book on the Kran language.
Arion: I could probably do it from memory but it helps to confirm things.
-Arion starts scribbling frantically on a blank book, reading Gardr's draft every now and then and checking his Kran book.-
Arion: Finished, that was easy.
Arion: Here, your book!
→ Go to Veja Pontor
YOU: Gardr needs you to draw kras shield designs.
Veja: Ugh, these are really ugly…but I know what to draw.
Veja: Wait a bit.
-Veja takes a piece of charcoal and some parchment and starts drawing quickly, using Gardr's drawings as a reference.-
Veja: Done.
Veja: There you go.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: Gardr needs you to copy some books. Five copies please.
Jayose: Five?
-Jayose looks at the materials for a minute.-
Jayose: Ah I see, take the manual and drawings to a single book, then make five copies.
Jayose: Got it.
Jayose: That will be quite expensive, but I'll send kra the price later.
Jayose: Give me some minutes.
-Jayose starts fiddling around his desk, murmuring words and placing blank books over it. He puts the translated manual and the drawings over the pile of books and starts casting a spell.-
Jayose: Wait a bit, please.
-Some minutes pass…-
-Jayose checks on a book then rolls his eyes and mumbles.-
Jayose: …like I'm some sort of copy making machine.
-Jayose checks again and nods.-
Jayose: Alright, done.
Jayose: You can bring these to Gardr.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
Gardr: Good books.
Gardr: You helped me a lot.
Gardr: I want you to have one of them.
Gardr: Try to make a shield with it.
Gardr: Thank you, Enkidukai.
Rewards: 1 Protector Shield Diagram, 25 Faction with Crafting Association, 13600 XP.