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Get Grimal Out of Retirement
Required: 2 Molten Iron.
→ Go to Raerul Bloodaxe
YOU: I could use some work. Do you have anything that needs doing?
Raerul: Ah, my father, Grimal Bloodaxe.
Raerul: Quite a fierce warrior in his day, and still is as a matter of fact.
Raerul: He used to charge into the Stone Labyrinths with his axe swinging, and he didn't care what might happen.
Raerul: Come to think of it, we could use that kind of attitude in the Sunshine Squadron.
Raerul: Do you think you could do me a favour?
YOU: Sure, I'm game.
Raerul: I knew I could count on you.
Raerul: My father usually spends his days in Hydlaa now.
Raerul: Ask him to join the Sunshine Squadron, would you?
Raerul: Use my name if you have to.
→ Go to Grimal Bloodaxe
YOU: Would you consider joining the Sunshine Squadron?
Grimal: What is going on at the Bronze Doors?
Grimal: Who put you up to this?
YOU: Your son, Raerul Bloodaxe.
Grimal: Oh, that's right.
Grimal: My son is indeed a member of the Sunshine Squadron.
Grimal: I'd forgotten in my old age.
Grimal: Well, since you're asking on his behalf, I'll have to consider it, won't I?
Grimal: Now let's see.
Grimal: The Shadow Squadron has offered me some tria as well as paying off my debts.
Grimal: But an old man has no real use for such things.
Grimal: I want a legacy.
Grimal: Something to make people remember me.
Grimal: Oh, I know!
Grimal: Tell Raerul I want a statue.
Grimal: Yes, a statue of myself for all of Yliakum to see!
Grimal: And if he agrees, come back and we'll talk.
→ Go to Raerul Bloodaxe
YOU: Grimal says he wants a statue made in his honor.
Raerul: My father's always been self-centered.
Raerul: However, he is still an important figure in adventuring circles, so Commander Strongwill likely won't have trouble with it.
Raerul: Tell my father that the Sunshine Squadron agrees.
→ Go to Grimal Bloodaxe
YOU: The Sunshine Squadron has agreed to commission a statue for you.
Grimal: Ha ha, excellent!
Grimal: Now all I need is a miniature statue so I know what it will look like, and if I like it, then I will agree.
Grimal: I know just the dwarf for the job too: Yonda Axebow is an expert sculptor.
Grimal: She could probably do it.
Grimal: Why not ask her to make you a statue?
Grimal: I'll wait here.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: Can you make me a statue? I've heard tell that you're an excellent sculptor.
Yonda: A statue?
Yonda: Of who?
YOU: The famed fighter Grimal Bloodaxe.
Yonda: Oh, Grimal!
Yonda: I could do that by heart.
Yonda: I'll start on it right now, and while you wait, why not bring me two clumps of molten iron?
Yonda: We'll cover it.
Yonda: Make it like a miniature metal statue.
Yonda: This will be great.
Yonda: Also, get one hundred tria ready - that's my fee.
YOU: I've brought the metal you need for your statue.
Yonda: Here goes nothing.
-Yonda spreads the iron over the wooden statue with a tool.-
Yonda: Look at that, looks just like him, wrinkles and battle scars and all!
Yonda: One of my best yet.
Yonda: One hundred tria, please.
YOU: Here is your fee.
Yonda: I hope you enjoy it.
→ Go to Grimal Bloodaxe
YOU: Look, your statue is done!
-Grimal looks at the statue incredulously.-
Grimal: What?
Grimal: Is that how I look?
Grimal: I must be…I…I was…
Grimal: No, this is the truth.
Grimal: I am indeed a wrinkled old man and I would be a fool to go back into battle.
Grimal: Let people remember me in their minds for who I was, not who I am.
Grimal: I won't accept the offers of either the Shadow Squadron or the Sunshine Squadron.
Grimal: Tell my son that I will stay retired.
Grimal: Have a circle; it's for the statue and the lesson.
→ Go to Raerul Bloodaxe
YOU: Your father has decided to remain in retirement.
Raerul: Is that so?
Raerul: Perhaps it's for the best.
Raerul: It was probably a silly idea anyway.
Raerul: Have some circles; it's for the errand and the lesson.
Raerul: Heh, listen to me!
Raerul: I sound like my father.
Raerul: He used to say that all the time.
Raerul: But thanks.
Rewards: 10172 Tria, 16400 XP.