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Get a Performance
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Roya Vuntarr
YOU: Do you know of anyone who needs a quick bit of work done?
Roya: Well…
-Roya thinks for a second.-
Roya: this may sound weird to you, but I am having some trouble finding people interested in hearing me sing.
Roya: Perhaps you can arrange a performance for me at the Broken Door.
Roya: Are you interested in that?
YOU: I'd love to see some more entertainment in that tavern. You've got a deal!
Roya: Good!
Roya: Please hand this flyer to the owner and see if he is interested.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: You might find this useful to you.
Brado: What's this?
-Brado reads the flyer and smiles.-
Brado: This sure sounds interesting, but singers alone don't seem to draw as many customers any more.
Brado: Perhaps if you could get me a street performer as well, then I will think about it.
Brado: I know one in Hydlaa that manages to amuse me.
Brado: His name is Serevim Colat.
Brado: Hand the performer this contract then go to the singer this contract and see if you can get the two of them to sign it.
→ Go to Serevim Colat
YOU: A tavern owner of my acquaintance has work for you, if you're interested.
Serevim: I do not usually ask for a contract, I just perform on the streets.
Serevim: But perhaps a nice performance with a singer of her stature can make me some decent tria.
-Serevim signs the contract.-
Serevim: I'm in.
Serevim: Go hand this to Roya; she needs to sign it as well.
→ Go to Roya Vuntarr
YOU: Brado hoped you would give this some consideration.
Roya: Yes!
Roya: You got me a contract it seems!
-Roya reads over the contract and signs it with a smile.-
Roya: There we go.
Roya: Give this to Brado.
Roya: He should hand you the final contract, that one I would like for tax purposes.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: I've returned with the contract.
Brado: Great!
Brado: They both agreed.
Brado: This should provide my patrons with some great entertainment Tabei.
Brado: I am pleased.
Brado: Thanks for finding those acts for me.
Brado: Please take this contract to Roya and some Tria as a repayment for your troubles.
→ Go to Roya Vuntarr
YOU: smiles and hands the paper to Roya.
Roya: That's it!
-Roya smiles.-
Roya: You got me a deal!
Roya: Thank you very much, Enkidukai.
Roya: I cannot give you any tria for the work you did, but perhaps I can please you with this ring I got after one of my performances.
Roya: Thanks, and hope to see you at the show!
Rewards: 1 Stone Ring, 15 Faction with Artists Association, 2307 Tria, 10800 XP.