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Go Get Me a Mug
Required: 1 Mug.
[INFO]: You can purchase the mug from Jirosh.
→ Go to Pilfer
YOU: Excuse me, I'm looking for some…
Pilfer: Gah.
-Pilfer flicks his wrist in the direction of Aydken.-
Pilfer: Stupid gobble done broke me mug, dinne?
Pilfer: Go get me a new one from that Mikana mob will ya?
YOU: Yes.
Pilfer: Good on ya.
Pilfer: Off ya go then.
-Pilfer ushers you away with a wave of his hand.-
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
-You buy a mug from Jirosh.-
→ Go to Pilfer
YOU: Here is your new mug.
Pilfer: Ahh…
Pilfer: good show.
-Pilfer smiles wickedly as he takes the mug from you.-
Pilfer: S'pose you'll be wantin' a reward or sumtin?
-Pilfer opens a small pouch and retrieves a glyph.-
Pilfer: Here yar, take one of these…
Pilfer: Got 'em from me last…
Pilfer: ahh…
Pilfer: me last…
Pilfer: ahh…
Pilfer: me last client, I did…
Pilfer: but I got no use for 'em, dunno what they're for.
Rewards: 1 Air glyph, 1 Cold glyph[OR], 1 Light glyph[OR], 15 Faction with Thieves Organization, 10800 XP.