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Golden Ring
Required: 5 Tefusang Hide, 5 Tefusangling Hide.
→ Go to Toda Ombretis
YOU: You look busy, anything I can help with?
Toda: I'm out of hides to make leather garments, and this is starting to be a problem.
Toda: Being alone, I cannot leave the shop, so I don't know how to fix the situation.
Toda: In return for your help, I can give you a nice golden ring.
Toda: I received a large number of those by trading with a merchant from the Upper Field level.
Toda: Will you help me?
YOU: Yes, I can make time to help you!
Toda: Great!
Toda: Being a golden ring, I will trade it for no less than five Tefusang hides and five Tefusangling hides.
Toda: I await your return.
→ Give Toda Ombretis 10 Tefusang Hide
YOU: Here are your Tefusang skins.
Toda: Perfect.
Toda: I was not sure you would be able to do it!
Toda: Thanks to your help, I will be able to produce more special equipment.
Toda: Here is the ring I promised.
Rewards: 1 Golden Ring, 9400 XP.