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Gorbiak Disease
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: Have you spoken with Xiosia recently?
Jardet: Ah, seems you've started to have some divination powers my friend!
Jardet: In fact I had a vision of Xiosia last night and I need someone to investigate.
Jardet: Are you interested with looking into it?
YOU: Yes!
Jardet: Thanks, would you like to hear about my vision.
YOU: Tell me about your vision, Jardet.
Jardet: I often receive visions from Xiosia when something is going wrong, mainly when nature is at risk.
Jardet: She cares about everything, small and big, she decides the importance, not us.
Jardet: This time the vision was very blurred, but I've grasped that she was telling me a name: 'Gorbiak'.
Jardet: From the few traits I've seen in this vision, I think he is a gobble.
YOU: What are gobbles?
Jardet: Gobbles are not very intelligent humanoid creatures, who live in the outdoors.
Jardet: They are usually peaceful when not provoked.
Jardet: Seems Gorbiak is down in the sewers.
Jardet: And there is something wrong with him, he may be at danger.
Jardet: My suggestion is to go down there and find him.
Jardet: It's not easy to speak with such creatures, so you may need to find some information on them as well, like how to say hello, I'm sure the library would be a good place to start.
→ Go to Gorbiak
YOU: rahle
Gorbiak: rahle varta.
YOU: gertas lent olaat
Gorbiak: Me need cure…
Gorbiak: galer aht …
Gorbiak: fear dying herak jilat….
Gorbiak: halop.
→ Go to Menlil Toresun
YOU: I need a cure for Gorbiak.
Menlil: You are lucky because I made a number of cure disease potions a few weeks ago.
Menlil: They cost 50 trias each.
Menlil: Do you want to buy one?
YOU: Yes, I will take one!
Menlil: Ok, give me 50 trias and I will give it to you.
YOU: Here are your tria.
Menlil: Ok, here it is.
→ Go to Gorbiak
YOU: I have the cure!
Gorbiak: Thank!
Gorbiak: Thank!
Gorbiak: Regaar!
-Gorbiak drinks the potion.-
Rewards: 15 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 10800 XP.