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Gregori's Unreadable Page
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gregori Stevald
YOU: Hail Gregori, I am here to see if you have another task I can help with?
Gregori: Now that I trust you a bit more, I can share with you this strange item I found while exploring the stone labyrinths.
Gregori: It's a page written in some ancient language, a language which nobody that I've asked has been able to decipher.
Gregori: What I have found is that the page is magical, so it's not just random text.
Gregori: Maybe it's a spell, or a recipe for a magical potion, or something completely different again!
Gregori: This is what I want to find out.
Gregori: Will you assist me?
YOU: It will be my pleasure, where do I start?
Gregori: Great, take this page and try and find out what it really is.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Levrus, I need your help with this page.
Levrus: Hmm, do you want me to identify this for you?
Levrus: I can do it for one hundred tria.
→ Give Levrus Dahrenn 100 Tria
YOU: [You search for the coins and hand them to Levrus.]
Levrus: Thanks, I will be back in a minute.
- Levrus Dahrenn goes down to his laboratory and after few minutes he comes back.
Levrus: Well, my spell can only identify one piece of it, the third out of five.
Levrus: It reads: 'and chaos runs at all my words.'
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: Excuse me Jayose, but I need someone to read this page.
Jayose: looks interesting, I can identify that it contains five phrases.
Jayose: But it seems that each is written in a different language...
Jayose: Thanks to my studies of magic and ancient languages I can probably decipher one...
Jayose: Give me few minutes
- Jayose reaches for some old books and starts searching through them. You see him pause over some symbols.
Jayose: Ok, I think I have something.
Jayose: The fifth one reads: 'and the mind of legends more than ten'.
Jayose: I hope that helps.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: You hand the page to Sharven.
Sharven: Is this a message for me?
- Sharven Xant-Areth looks at the page.
Sharven: I can't read it, this seems a strange language...
Sharven: Actually, I can understand one part, the fourth line is very similar to the lost written language of Kadaikos.
Sharven: It reads: 'I have the body of brave men,'.
Sharven: Anyway I don't have time for your questions right now, please return later on.
→ Go to Talisa Tamariss
YOU: Excuse me, I am looking for someone that can translate this page for me.
Talisa: Hey, that looks like a very old page...
Talisa: I have a passion for those kinds of languages.
Talisa: Will you sell it to me?
YOU: No, but I do need someone to decipher it for me.
Talisa: Wow, it must be very important then...
Talisa: I will try to decipher it.
- Talisa Tamariss takes a monocle from a pocket and starts to observe the symbols with great care.
Talisa: Well, the only ones I can understand are the first two, they read: 'I shatter darkness, like a hammer of the gods'.
Talisa: I cannot understand more of it.
Talisa: However, I can say that this sounds like the beginning of a riddle...
Talisa: I may well be mistaken though.
→ Go to Gregori Stevald
YOU: I have solved the mystery of this page.
Gregori: Ah, you are back with that old page...
Gregori: What does this page contain?
YOU: It is a riddle with five sections, each in a different language.
Gregori: I see, and did you solve this riddle?
[INFO]: You have to enter the word 'Justice'.
YOU: Justice
-Everything seems to go very silent.-
-A flash of light shimmers over and comes out of the page, as soon as you pronounce the word 'justice'.-
Gregori: Hey, seems that you unlocked something in this page.
-The page melts forming two identical stones.-
Gregori: Oh...
Gregori: These are two identical glyphs.
Gregori: I will keep one and give the other to you for your efforts.
Gregori: Thanks for solving this mystery.
Rewards: 1 Summon Glyph, 10800 XP.