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Grok's Delivery for Durok
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Grok Idon
YOU: May I be of aid to you?
Grok: Ah, yes, I do have something that requires your assistance.
Grok: I have been looking for a traveller headed to Hydlaa.
Grok: If you are going that way, I have collected this jar full of insects that needs to be delivered to Durok Rrecrok while still in town.
Grok: Durok studies them, you see.
Grok: I will pay you a few coins for the service.
Grok: Are you willing?
YOU: Consider it done.
Grok: Excellent.
-Grok finds a large clay jar among a sack of wares and gives it to you.-
Grok: If you're headed to the wilderness, I can sell you potions of healing, if you like.
Grok: Try not to shake it too much: some of them are fragile.
Grok: Hmmm…
Grok: you can probably find Durok at Jayose's Librams and Codexes in East Hydlaa.
Grok: Durok spends a good deal of time there when not out in the wilds pursuing insect studies.
-Grok writes a small note on a slip of paper and gives it to you as well.-
Grok: Have Durok sign this and return it to me, so that I may know it arrived safely.
Grok: Farewell.
-Grok waves goodbye.-
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: Grok Idon sends these things with kras regards.
Durok: Err…
Durok: umm.
-Durok looks at you and then opens the jar.-
Durok: Ahhh.
-Durok smiles and raises the jar and peers at the insects within, gently moving them with a finger to see more.-
Durok: How nice, yes.
Durok: This must be the collection Grok has made for me.
-Durok carefully picks up an insect from the jar, pinching it between two fingers and looking at it closely.-
Durok: Very good.
Durok: Perhaps there will be some new kinds in here.
-Durok tucks the jar under one arm and studies the receipt.-
Durok: Good, good.
-Durok takes out a capacious chunk of charcoal and signs the receipt with a deft hand.-
Durok: There.
Durok: Grok will be wanting to see that.
-Durok gives the receipt back to you.-
Durok: Perhaps…mmm…
Durok: would you like to try a riddle I heard recently?
YOU: I do love a good riddle. Ask away.
Durok: Hmmm…
Durok: well.
-Durok checks on the jar, making sure it is secure.-
Durok: It…
Durok: goes like this, yes.
Durok: 'I am ancient, my dry skin is cracked and weathered.
Durok: Nothing flows in my veins any more, and the invaders come to take what is mine.'
-Durok watches you for a moment.-
Durok: I thought it was… er, a bit tricky.
YOU: dead mountain
Durok: Yes, that is the answer.
Durok: You are…mmm…
Durok: you are smart.
-Durok smiles.-
Durok: Thank you for trying it.
Durok: Good day to you, and safe traveling.
-Durok waves a cheery goodbye.-
→ Go to Grok Idon
YOU: Grok said that you would want this back.
Grok: Ah, you have returned.
-Grok accepts the receipt, looks it over and nods.-
Grok: Good.
Grok: here is your payment, and perhaps you would like to try a complimentary sabre?
Grok: They are sharp and well-made.
-Grok hands you six Octa.-
YOU: I'd be honoured to own one.
Grok: Excellent.
-Grok selects a saber from among the wares for sale and gives it to you.-
Grok: If you like it, please tell your friends.
Grok: Perhaps I will begin selling them again as part of my regular stock, if there is a demand for them.
Grok: Farewell!
Rewards: 1 Sabre, 1000 Tria, 17400 XP.