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Gulm Ossoe Needs Gems
Required: 2 Red Liquor Mugs.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: Hello again! I'm back to see if you have any other little jobs?
-Gulm turns from admiring a large chunk of stone.-
Gulm: It's you!
Gulm: Do not sneak up on people!
-Gulm laughs.-
Gulm: I have nothing to sell now, but I just received a new commission.
Gulm: In fact, I could use some help getting some shinies for this.
-Gulm gestures to the stone.-
Gulm: I know it does not look like much now, but it will be soon.
Gulm: So, will you help?
YOU: Yes, what do you need.
-Gulm smiles broadly.-
Gulm: Excellent.
Gulm: Now tell me, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, which do you think suits this commission?
Gulm: A ruby, an emerald, or…
-Gulm leans in and whispers.-
Gulm: …something unique?
YOU: Let's go for something unusual.
-Gulm nods approvingly.-
Gulm: My thoughts exactly.
-Gulm voice lowers.-
Gulm: There is a dwarf whom I met while mining gems in the dungeon below the city of Hydlaa, he has sent word to me that he found a very unique gem near his post, and it was mine if I wanted it.
-Gulm looks at the stone and then back to you.-
Gulm: I need it now; please go find this fellow, his name is Crosh Dunehammer, and tell him I sent you.
-Gulm looks around.-
Gulm: Go quickly before he gives it to someone else!
→ Go to Crosh Dunehammer
YOU: Gulm sent me.
Crosh: Gulm!
Crosh: That crazy Kran.
Crosh: What does it want?
-Crosh looks you up and down warily.-
YOU: Kra said 'something unusual'.
-Crosh relaxes.-
Crosh: Uh, yeah.
Crosh: That silly gem I found.
Crosh: One of them miners must've dropped it.
-Crosh digs around in his pack and pulls out a blue gem. He lifts it up before his eyes and squints at it.-
Crosh: Huh.
Crosh: Before I give it to you, I needs me a little favour.
Crosh: Will you help?
YOU: Yes, what do you need?
-Crosh nods enthusiastically.-
Crosh: Good, good, Madam.
Crosh: Here's what I'll be needin' from you.
Crosh: When I'm not guarding the bridge, I spend a wee bit of time wettin' the beard, if you know what I mean.
-Crosh holds up the blue gem for a moment.-
Crosh: 'Tis how I found this beauty- nearly tripped over it, I did.
Crosh: Alas, I seem to be all out of wettin' supplies at the moment.
-Crosh kicks a nearby empty mug and it falls over the edge.-
Crosh: Bring me a couple mugs of that red liquor and I can let you have this here beauty for Gulm.
Crosh: Go now and mind yer feet on the way out, it can be a mite twisty.
-Crosh laughs.-
YOU: gives Crosh two mugs of red liquor.
Crosh: Ahhh..
Crosh: thank you, my good Enkidukai.
-Crosh takes a long swig from one of the mugs and then tosses you the gem.-
Crosh: There's my part of the deal.
Crosh: Give Gulm my thanks for sending you my way.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: Crosh sends his thanks.
Gulm: Ah, very good.
Gulm: I hope you were able to bring back that special gem he's found.
YOU: Here's your something special, it really is lovely.
-Gulm eyes light up as kra holds the sapphire up and examines it and murmurs 'This is perfect! I do hope that he finds more.'-
-Gulm continues to stare at the sapphire.-
Gulm: I must take this to Ondren myself…
-Gulm turns to prepare to leave, gathering up a few items before remembering your presence.-
Gulm: Oh, yes.
Gulm: I almost forgot!
Gulm: Here, YOU, your reward.
Gulm: I have heard much about you since we last met, seems you are earning a bit of a nice reputation!
-Gulm bows and gives you sixteen golden circles and a Brown Way glyph.-
Gulm: Do come back and help me in the future.
-Gulm waves goodbye and goes back to preparing for the journey.-
Rewards: 1 Tree glyph, 35 Faction with Artists Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.