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Gulm Ossoe and the Broken Legs
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: Is there anything I can do for you? A small job perhaps?
Gulm: YOU! I am so glad to see you!
-Gulm blinks.-
Gulm: Huh?
Gulm: What…oh don't look so surprised I know your name.
-Gulm laughs.-
Gulm: When someone works as hard as you have been working, word travels fast.
Gulm: I have also had much good to say about you.
-Gulm frantically looks around.-
Gulm: But I am forgetting already!
Gulm: I need your help most importantly.
-Gulm nods.-
Gulm: Much to do, much to do!
Gulm: Can you help?
-Gulm looks hopeful.-
Gulm: The reward will be worth your time.
YOU: Of course, you said the magic word…reward.
-Gulm nearly jumps with joy.-
Gulm: Thank you, YOU.
Gulm: Much good this is!
-Gulm reaches around and grabs a statue and points to the statue's legs, which have been broken off.-
Gulm: Look at this!
Gulm: How can you have an Enkidukai without legs?!
Gulm: How?!
Gulm: I need to fix this…and…
-Gulm looks embarrassed.-
Gulm: …do some more research on the subject so I can fill in the details.
-Gulm gently sets the statue down, careful not to cause any more damage. Gulm looks at you with a serious expression.-
Gulm: What I need is someone to run some errands for me so I can focus on the sculpting itself.
Gulm: First thing, go to Fholen Medraa; he is in Hydlaa.
Gulm: Retired miner he is.
Gulm: He has a drawing sketched out for me with some details we could not agree on.
Gulm: I need it.
Gulm: When you find Fholen, tell him I sent you, and he should give you the drawing.
-Gulm waves as you depart.-
→ Go to Fholen Medraa
YOU: Hello. Gulm Ossoe sent me for a drawing.
Fholen: Gulm Ossoe you say…
-Fholen nods.-
Fholen: Sent you for that sketch?
-Fholen leans towards you, giving you a good once over.-
Fholen: Here you go.
-Fholen hands you a rolled parchment.-
Fholen: Make sure you give this to Gulm.
Fholen: I don't want any mistakes in my sculpture.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: I have your drawing.
-Gulm carefully unbinds the parchment and rolls it out.-
Gulm: Oh…
Gulm: lovely.
-Gulm carefully rolls the parchment back up and tucks it out of harm's way.-
Gulm: One thing down.
Gulm: Thank you, YOU.
-Gulm looks around thoughtfully and then spots the broken-legged statue. Gulm looks back at you with a worried expression on kra's face.-
Gulm: I need more clay, but my normal supplier is out!
Gulm: She said her shipment is not due to arrive for many days.
-Gulm looks at you.-
Gulm: I have heard of someone else…
Gulm: not met him have I…
Gulm: but I have a good description.
Gulm: Think you can track him down for me?
YOU: Sure I can try and find this mystery man.
Gulm: Good good.
Gulm: From what hear, he is a male Stonebreaker.
Gulm: He wears some heavy clothes, good for travelling I 'spect.
-Gulm looks thoughtful.-
Gulm: Oh yes, he is often seen carrying a big set of rolled up ropes on his shoulders while he's working in Hydlaa.
Gulm: Find him and ask him about the clay.
-Gulm waves.-
Gulm: Good luck.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: Hello, I'd like to buy some clay. I heard you had some for sale.
Edrich: What's that?
Edrich: Clay you said?
-Edrich looks at you curiously and checks his notes.-
Edrich: Eh, I have some due in the next caravan.
-Edrich adjusts the ropes on his shoulders.-
Edrich: Tell ya what.
Edrich: I can sell ya the last of what I have for six circles, or you can do me a favour.
-Edrich smiles broadly.-
Edrich: So which will it be, buy or help?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: I'm in a hurry, so I'll just buy it.
-Edrich Sultov nods.-
Edrich: That'll be six circles.
Edrich: Hand 'em over.
YOU: Here you go, six circles.
-Edrich writes up a quick receipt and hands it to you.-
Edrich: Pleasure doin' business with ya.
Edrich: Give that to Gulm and one o'my guys will be by with the clay shortly.
Way 2:
YOU: I'll be glad to help.
-Edrich nods.-
Edrich: Not one to waste a tria, I see.
-Edrich laughs.-
Edrich: Only works to my benefit, ya see.
Edrich: There's this couple, the Colats.
Edrich: Serevim and Dhalia to be exact.
Edrich: I owe them a bit for a performance they did.
-Edrich holds up a pouch and then tosses it to you.-
Edrich: Give this to Serevim.
Edrich: If he asks who it is from, make sure you tell him it is from Edrich.
Edrich: I should have the shipment in by the time you get back.
-Edrich speaks as you turn to leave.-
Edrich: Remind me about the clay when you finish, and it'll be yours.
→ Go to Serevim Colat
YOU: Hello, Edrich sent me to give you this.
-Serevim opens the pouch.-
Serevim: Our payment from Edrich.
-Serevim bows to you and hands the pouch to Dhalia.-
Serevim: Thank you, Gemma.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: Delivery done, I'm back for the clay.
-Edrich smiles.-
Edrich: Ah yes.
Edrich: That was quick!
-Edrich picks up a sturdy crate and carefully hands it to you.-
Edrich: Here you go!
Edrich: Take care now, it's heavy.
Way 1, 2:
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: gives Gulm the crate of clay.
-Gulm takes the crate.-
Gulm: I am impressed!
-Gulm gives you a sly wink.-
Gulm: Much good work.
Gulm: You have proved yourself very dependable YOU.
-Gulm grins.-
Gulm: You got it in you for one more errand?
YOU: Yes, I have time to help you once more.
-Gulm nods.-
Gulm: Last task that I need help with.
Gulm: There is a historian in Hydlaa who came to visit me the other day.
Gulm: She promised me some more information on my subject if I would just come and get it.
-Gulm looks embarrassed.-
Gulm: I forgot her name with all the activity.
Gulm: She is a Stonebreaker.
Gulm: I noticed one of them eye things…monocles I think it's called…hanging from her shirt.
-Gulm looks at you.-
Gulm: Find her and tell her I sent you.
Gulm: She should give you a packet of information.
-Gulm bows.-
→ Go to Aliress Doomforge
YOU: Hello! Gulm sent me to see you.
Aliress: Gulm Ossoe, ah yes.
-Aliress giggles softly.-
Aliress: Such a lovely Kran.
-Aliress hands you a small packet of information.-
Aliress: This is for Gulm, it contains some drawings, a few stories I have heard over the years, and some notes I took when interviewing her father.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: Here is your information.
Gulm: Much good!
Gulm: Much good!
-Gulm puts the packet away.-
Gulm: You have been much help YOU.
-Gulm hands you a small pouch with many coins inside.-
Gulm: These are for you.
-Gulm then pulls out two weapons.-
Gulm: I have no use for these…please take the one that you prefer and I hope to see you again in our village.
Gulm: Thank you again for everything you have done for me.
Rewards: 1 Balanced Dagger of Gulm, 1 Platinum Sabre[OR], 35 Faction with Artists Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.