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Handkerchiefs for Uri
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Uri Djho-Maat
YOU: Greetings, do you know of anyone that needs someone to help with a task?
Uri: Greetings, noble Nolthrir.
Uri: I need a pair of linen handkerchiefs of the finest quality.
Uri: Kaiman promised me to bring a few from his travels, and I need someone to pick them up.
Uri: Normally, my servants would do that, but they are all busy.
Uri: Would you pick them up?
YOU: Sure, I'll get them for you.
-Uri adjusts his shirt cuff and looks at you.-
Uri: Very well.
Uri: This coin should cover the charges and just tell him I sent you.
-Uri hands you a circle.-
→ Go to Kaiman Jilatt
YOU: Uri sent me.
Kaiman: I see.
Kaiman: Is this about the fine linen handkerchiefs?
YOU: Yes it is.
-Kaiman grins.-
Kaiman: They are right here.
-Kaiman shows you a bundle of handkerchiefs.-
Kaiman: Finest quality, of course.
Kaiman: Soft as a baby dwarf's beard.
-Kaiman chuckles.-
Kaiman: That'll be one hundred tria.
YOU: Gilayall pays Kaiman.
-Kaiman hands you the bundle.-
Kaiman: Here they are.
Kaiman: My regards to Sir Djho-Maat.
→ Go to Uri Djho-Maat
YOU: Here are your handkerchiefs.
-Uri takes the bundle from you and rubs the handkerchiefs in his hands. He gives you a tiny nod and puts the package in his pocket.-
Uri: Thank you, Nolthrir.
Uri: Keep the change: let it never be said that Uri Djho-Maat is not a generous man.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.