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Health Issues for Guile
Required: 2 Devils Claws, 1 Kingsfoil Leaf.
→ Go to Guile
YOU: I'm looking for work. Do you have anything that needs doing?
-Guile smiles and nods.-
Guile: Yes, I do actually.
Guile: I have recently been having some health 'issues', the details of which I choose to keep to myself.
Guile: I have acquired the recipe for a cure from a travelling herbalist.
Guile: However, he was unable to source the ingredients for me as he was a bit, ahh…
Guile: 'tied-up'.
-Guile throws a wicked grin in your direction.-
Guile: This is where you come in; I need you to gather some herbs for me.
Guile: I don't know where you would find them.
Guile: You might have to seek out a herbalist and ask them for help.
Guile: Will you do this for me?
-Guile gives you a charming smile.-
YOU: Of course I will.
-Guile grins devilishly.-
Guile: Excellent!
Guile: I will need two Devils Claws and one Kingsfoil Leaf.
Guile: I look forward to your return.
-Guile smiles and waves as you leave.-
YOU: I managed to find the ingredients you wanted.
Guile: Oh…
-Guile looks surprised.-
Guile: This is fantastic!
Guile: I will get to work on the potion immediately.
Guile: Thank you, Sir.
Guile: Take this for your troubles.
-Guile smiles sweetly as she hands you a handful of coins.-
Rewards: 15 Faction with Thieves Organization, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.