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Help with Deciphering a Message
Required: Nothing.
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YOU: Hi, you look perplexed.
Thrynt: I don't know if you can help me.
Thrynt: You don't look like someone who is specialist in deciphering encrypted messages.
Thrynt: Do you really want to help me?
YOU: Yeah sure, I can give the deciphering a go.
Thrynt: All right.
Thrynt: Here is the message:
-Thrynt shows a paper with a sequence of letters on it.-
Thrynt: This is all I have.
Thrynt: I already tried to turn around the letters and form new words with them, but to no avail.
Thrynt: Maybe you have a better idea.
Thrynt: I'll work here on my own.
Thrynt: Tell me when you found out a possible understandable message in Yliakum's common tongue.
YOU: flea bites when rat is blinded by darkness
Thrynt: Mmmm…
Thrynt: might be.
Thrynt: I got the first part, flea bites when rat…
Thrynt: what's the second part?
YOU: is blinded by darkness
Thrynt: Wow!
Thrynt: That actually makes sense!
Thrynt: How did you..?
Thrynt: Never mind.
Thrynt: You're a genius.
Thrynt: Thanks a lot!
Thrynt: I'll give you something I took with me when I left home.
Thrynt: I used to play it whenever I could, but as a Shadowcaster I don't really have time to practice any more.
Thrynt: Enjoy.
Rewards: 1 Pan Flute, 10800 XP.