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Helping Aydken
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Aydken
YOU: You look like you could use some help.
-Aydken looks at you askance, then speaks quickly and in bursts, hesitating often over even the simplest of words.-
Aydken: You-want to help-me?
-Aydken eyes light up with glee and he bounces lightly on the spot.-
Aydken: Aydken-is-smart Gobble.
Aydken: Masters behave Aydken good, gives-him-snacks.
Aydken: Masters-has needs, makes Aydken do-stuff.
Aydken: Enkidukai does stuff instead?
Aydken: Aydken gives shinies he found.
YOU: I'll see what I can do.
-Aydken smiles happily then bounces lightly.-
Aydken: Good thanks, Enkidukai.
Aydken: Masters wants Aydken to-go-to Boralis.
Aydken: Needs pickup dagger-fluid shipment.
Aydken: Says-say 'Brew of Brews' to Boralis.
-Aydken smiles innocently and holds up a few coins.-
Aydken: Aydken gives these to Enkidukai if Enkidukai gives stuff to Aydken.
→ Go to Boralis Voladrand
YOU: I'm here to pick up the Brew of Brews.
-Boralis looks at you curiously.-
Boralis: You are new…
Boralis: doesn't matter.
Boralis: Look, the stuff is in Hydlaa but I can't give it to you here.
Boralis: If you hadn't realized we're surrounded by guards.
Boralis: I gave it to a friend of mine, Darven.
Boralis: Tell him what you told me and he'll give it to you.
Boralis: Probably after making you play a stupid game.
-Boralis give a small sigh and shakes his head.-
Boralis: He's a good friend just a little..
Boralis: hard to deal with.
Boralis: Just go, hurry up.
→ Go to Darven Bounash
YOU: I was sent to fetch the Brew of Brews.
Darven: Ah, yes, Boralis said somebody would come to pick this up.
-Darven looks you up and down then grins lightly.-
Darven: You look like a smart one …
Darven: Besides, I need to make sure you are clever enough not to mess this up, right?
Darven: Of course, I do.
Darven: Hmm.
-Darven rubs his chin as he looks at you. After a moment or two he grins and snaps his fingers.-
Darven: I've got it, a riddle!
Darven: Are you ready?
YOU: Go ahead, I'm ready.
Darven: Here it is then.
-Daven clears his throat.-
Darven: If three is to ten then the number of me is to eleven.
Darven: In order to make use of me you must have a gift from a god.
-Daven grins at you.-
Darven: Guess away.
YOU: magic ways
Darven: Exactly!
Darven: Great isn't it?
Darven: I love word games…
Darven: three letters in ten, six letters in eleven, six ways of magic.
Darven: And you need to have a glyph to be able to use it and they are surely gifts from the great Talad.
Darven: Anyways, here you go, Sir, and something for playing my little game as well.
-Darven hands you a small box and a few coins.-
Darven: Farewell.
→ Go to Aydken
YOU: I ran that errand. You were right; I did have to play a game to get it.
Aydken: Goodgood!
-Aydken grabs the box from you and bounces slightly.-
Aydken: Here are shinies!
-Aydken gives you a handful of coins.-
Aydken: Master Rook is-want-to talk to-you.
Rewards: 1 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 4391 Tria, 12200 XP.