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Helping Gardr with kras orders
Required: Rank 50 Mace Making, 5 crafted Clubs, 3 crafted Morning Stars, 3 crafted Battle Picks, 1 crafted Spiked Warhammer.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
Gardr: Can I help you?
Gardr: YOU, I have been pleased with your progress while you have been training with me and I've been watching with interest while you have been crafting maces and hammers.
Gardr: Your work is of a high standard.
Gardr: I am currently overrun with work orders.
Gardr: Can you help me by completing one of the orders?
Gardr: Of Course, I will gladly help.
-Gardr smiles.-
Gardr: Thank you.
Gardr: You will not regret this.
Gardr: First though, I need you to pick up the order.
Gardr: Do you have access to the winch area of Hydlaa?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
Gardr: Yes, I have access.
Gardr: Good.
Gardr: Can you go there and speak to Axomir.
Gardr: He has an order waiting from the barn, the guards there are having problems with thieves targeting the mint.
Gardr: Please hurry back.
→ Go to Axomir
Axomir: Gardr sent me to collect the order from the Barn level.
-Axomir looks up from his work.-
Axomir: About time.
Axomir: I thought I was going to have to try find another smith to do this order.
Axomir: Gardr is lucky that kra is such a good smith.
Axomir: Neither Veja nor Harnquist can match Gardr for kras quality when it comes to Maces and Hammers.
-Axomir hands you an order slip and returns to his work.-
→ Go to Gardr Keck
Gardr: [You give Gardr the Barn order.]
Way 2:
Gardr: No, I do not have access yet.
Gardr: Ok, Never mind I will deal with the winch order.
Gardr: I need you go to Raithen and pick up his order.
Gardr: You will find him at the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Gardr: Please hurry back.
→ Go to Raithen
Raithen: Gardr sent me, to collect your order.
Raithen: About time.
Raithen: We need this order.
Raithen: We are currently defending the dome with sub-standard weapons.
Raithen: Gardr is the only smith that can provide the quality we need of Maces and Hammers.
Raithen: I would like to purchase kra's Platinum Steel Maces and Hammers but we don't have the budget.
-Raithen hands over an order slip.-
Raithen: I eagerly await your return.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
Gardr: [You give Gardr the Shadow Squadron order.]
Way 1, 2:
Gardr: Thank you, Jilare.
-Gardr reads the order slip.-
Gardr: First I need you to make five clubs.
Gardr: As it is my reputation on the line I will only accept quality items.
-Gardr Smiles.-
Gardr: I know you will not disappoint me.
Gardr: Here are your Clubs.
-Gardr examines the clubs and smiles before putting the Clubs in a crate.-
Gardr: These are excellent.
Gardr: I am glad I chose you to help.
-Gardr looks at the order slip again.-
Gardr: Next on the list is…
Gardr: I need three Morning stars.
Gardr: Here are your Morning stars.
-Gardr examines the morning stars and smiles before putting them in the crate with the clubs.-
Gardr: These are excellent.
-Gardr looks at the order slip again.-
Gardr: Next we need three Battle Picks.
Gardr: Here are your Battle Picks.
-Gardr examines the Battle Picks and smiles before putting them in the crate with the rest.-
Gardr: These are excellent.
-Gardr looks at the order slip again.-
Gardr: Next we need a Spiked Warhammer.
Gardr: Here is your Spiked Warhammer.
-Gardr examines the Spiked Warhammer and smiles before putting it in the crate.-
Gardr: This is excellent.
-Gardr looks at the order slip again.-
Gardr: Finished.
Gardr: Now I need you to deliver this.
Gardr: Yes, I will deliver to Axomir?
Gardr: That is the complete order.
Gardr: Can you deliver it?
-Gardr hands the crate to you.-
Gardr: Axomir will give you a receipt.
-Gardr Smiles.-
→ Go to Axomir
Axomir: Here are the Maces for the Barn level.
-Axomir puts his work down.-
Axomir: Thank you.
Axomir: At least Gardr was quicker at completing the order than collecting it.
-Axomir writes a receipt.-
Axomir: Please deliver this to Gardr.
Axomir: I would love to chat but I am busy.
-Axomir returns to his work.-
Axomir: Here is your receipt.
Axomir: I would thank Talad, but you have been far more useful to me.
-Gardr takes a book from a shelf and hands it to you.-
Axomir: Here is my spare copy of Platinum Steel Hammers and Maces.
Axomir: Also some tria for your work, Jilare.
-Gardr hands you a fat pouch of tria.-
Axomir: I have one concern though, Sir.
-Gardr smiles.-
Axomir: You have the skill to become a rival one day.
Axomir: I hope we can continue to work together.
Axomir: Take these to get you started with the book.
Rewards: 1 Platinum Steel Hammers, 1 Maces, 10 Platinum Steel Ingots, 1 Faction with Smith Association, 45628 Tria, 10800 XP.