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Helping Mirra
Required: 2 Clacker Meat, 2 Clacker Legs.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: I'm back to see if you need anything else.
Mirra: You did such a great job last time, Enkidukai!
Mirra: I'm pretty sure you can help me again!
Mirra: This time I lack two ingredients for my soon to be famous 'Clacker Calamity,' which will be a delicious stew!
Mirra: Do you want to help?
YOU: Sounds yummy, what do you need?
Mirra: Perfect.
Mirra: I could make this dish with some clacker meat: two pieces should do.
Mirra: And then two clacker legs to give that crispy effect.
Mirra: Please bring those to me.
YOU: Here are your clacker bits.
Mirra: You did it again, YOU!
Mirra: I'm so happy with you!
Mirra: Soon there should be even more work for you to do.
Mirra: For now, take this reward.
Mirra: You've earned it in the sight of the gods.
Rewards: 20 Faction with Food Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.