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Helping Nalri
Required: 1 Beer Mug, 1 Cider Mug, 1 crafted Chain Mail Boots.
→ Go to Nalri Grimtorr
YOU: Hello, anything I can help you with?
-Nalri looks you up and down before she smiles.-
Nalri: YOU, I have heard some good things about you.
Nalri: I have been told you can make some good armour.
Nalri: I want to give Narwin a new pair of boots.
Nalri: The old fool in his stubbornness refuses to buy a new pair.
Nalri: So will you help me?
-Nalri strokes her beard while waiting for you to respond.-
YOU: Of Course, I am happy to help.
-Nalri's face lights up.-
Nalri: Excellent.
Nalri: This will stop him moaning to me about his feet.
-Nalri's face goes serious.-
Nalri: But…
YOU: But what?
Nalri: Mhm.
Nalri: Not sure.
-Nalri smiles again.-
Nalri: I have got a small test for you first to see if you are worthy.
Nalri: Do you think you can answer my riddle?
YOU: Yes, I will try to answer a riddle.
-Nalri scratches her head.-
Nalri: Which riddle shall I choose?
Nalri: My own one or one from my book, you choose.
Nalri: Wait.
Nalri: I think you should choose mine.
YOU: I think your one would be best.
-Nalri Smiles.-
Nalri: Good.
Nalri: I think so too.
Nalri: Here we go.
Nalri: The fluid that hops in the barrel.
-Nalri looks at you awaiting the answer.-
YOU: Beer
Nalri: I don't mind if I do.
Nalri: That is very kind of you to offer.
YOU: Here is your beer.
-Nalri Smiles.-
Nalri: Another one.
Nalri: This is fun.
-Nalri winks.-
YOU: Yes, I will do another one.
-Nalri nods.-
-Nalri pulls a tatty book from a pouch.-
Nalri: Here we go.
-Nalri Grins.-
Nalri: The round orb suspended in the sky.
Nalri: Suddenly falls.
Nalri: It does not break.
Nalri: But golden liquid from it we make.
YOU: Here is your cider.
-Nalri Smiles.-
Nalri: Thank you.
Nalri: May I ask one more?
YOU: Yes, as long as I don't have to fetch more drink.
-Nalri tries to look innocent.-
Nalri: Who me?
Nalri: I would never do such a thing.
-Nalri winks and smiles, before stroking jaw.-
Nalri: Ok I promise no more fetching drink.
-Nalri rubs her hands together.-
Nalri: Here goes…
Nalri: It starts when its owner is young and stays forever.
Nalri: At first light it is removed, but is back by night.
Nalri: But for others once it has arrived it never leaves.
YOU: beard
-Nalri strokes her face again.-
Nalri: Correct.
-Nalri looks at you.-
Nalri: Narwin sometimes says I have a beard what do you think?
YOU: Yes, you have a beard to be proud of.
-Nalri looks annoyed.-
-Nalri rubs her beard.-
Nalri: This.
Nalri: This is not a beard just some hair.
Nalri: On my chin.
-Nalri smiles.-
Nalri: I am just joking with you.
Nalri: No need to look so serious.
Nalri: Now about the present.
Nalri: Can you make me a pair of chain mail boots for Narwin?
Nalri: Just bring them to me once done.
Nalri: Oh, I do want ones crafted not just bought from one of the regular smiths.
-She's not kidding either…store-bought boots will not work.-
YOU: Here are your boots.
-Nalri takes the boots and examines them.-
Nalri: Well done these are good.
Nalri: I am glad I allowed you to make them.
-Nalri winks at you.-
Nalri: Can you deliver these to Narwin?
-Nalri hands you the boots back.-
Nalri: I will reward you for your work when you return.
→ Go to Narwin Molstagh
YOU: These are a present from Nalri. [You hand Narwin the boots.]
-Narwin smiles.-
Narwin: These are nice indeed, even better they are free.
Narwin: Tell her I am grateful
→ Go to Nalri Grimtorr
YOU: Narwin is grateful.
-Nalri Smiles.-
Nalri: Thank you Jilare.
Nalri: At least he will stop complaining about his feet now.
Nalri: Thank you for your patience with my riddles too.
Nalri: They were fun though.
Nalri: Here you go take this manual.
Nalri: It should be of use to you.
-Nalri hands you a book.-
Nalri: You have shown you are more than worthy of it today.
Rewards: 1 Making Plate Mail Armor, 1 Faction with Smith Association, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.