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Hinoserri Cannot See
Required: 10 Carrots, 1 Diamond Crystal, 1 Gold Ore.
→ Go to Hinoserri
YOU: Greetings, do you require anything to be done, with which I can help?
Hinoserri: Good morrow.
Hinoserri: You want something to do, you say.
Hinoserri: Well, I am a member of the Shadow Squadron and I was placed on watch duty.
Hinoserri: What a disgrace.
Hinoserri: I don’t want to say what I need.
Hinoserri: If Raithen ever finds out, he will probably feed me to the pterosaurs..
Hinoserri: I cannot tell you unless you promise never to say anything..
Hinoserri: Do you promise?
YOU: I promise.
Hinoserri: Erm…
Hinoserri: Well…
Hinoserri: I erm…
-Hinoserri sighs.-
Hinoserri: Oh alright!
Hinoserri: I will tell you since you push me so much and swear not to rat on me.
Hinoserri: I am a terribly good guard, I really am.
Hinoserri: But…
Hinoserri: my eyesight ain’t so well….
Hinoserri: I cannot even see what is on yonder bridge!
Hinoserri: When danger approaches, I will be too late to respond.
Hinoserri: If only, something could be done about it.
Hinoserri: I heard once that carrot juice might be good for someone’s eyesight.
Hinoserri: Thing is, I don’t know where to get some and I can’t really leave my post.
Hinoserri: So I need you to find and get me some.
Hinoserri: Will you do this for me?
YOU: Sure, I will help you.
Hinoserri: Good luck!
Hinoserri: I’ll stay here and wait for you to return.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: Do you sell carrot juice?
Jomed: I've heard that carrot juice be the answer to helpin' someone's vision.
-Jomed rummages around the kitchen.-
Jomed: Aye, I've the ingredients needed, but that be the last of me carrots.
Jomed: If you want this juice, you'll have to bring some carrots to me to replace the ones I will use for your juice.
Jomed: Ten carrots should be enough to see me through.
YOU: You give Jomed ten carrots.
Jomed: There yeh be, here is your carrot juice.
→ Go to Hinoserri
YOU: I found some carrot juice for you.
Hinoserri: What’s this?
Hinoserri: Carrot juice?
Hinoserri: Oh my!
Hinoserri: I hope it actually helps!
Hinoserri: Legend says, it is good for your eyes!
Hinoserri: Did you go all the way to Hydlaa to get this for me?
Hinoserri: How nice of you.
Hinoserri: I am truly impressed!
Hinoserri: Now I will try out this magical juice.
-Hinoserri drinks the carrot juice and squints into the distance.-
Hinoserri: Hmm.
Hinoserri: It did not seem to do anything.
Hinoserri: I am so disappointed.
Hinoserri: I wish there was something else to do to help my vision.
Hinoserri: Wait!
Hinoserri: I am sure I saw someone near here with spectacles.
Hinoserri: If you can find out who that is and ask whomever it is where they got their spectacles, that would be a big help.
Hinoserri: Will you try?
YOU: I'll find some spectacles for you.
Hinoserri: Thank you ever so much.
Hinoserri: I am certain it was someone I saw recently who had the spectacles, so while I’m sure some Hydlaans or Ojavedans wear them, I would stick to this area.
Hinoserri: Good luck finding them.
→ Go to Hiacheius Dilechi
YOU: Greetings, can you tell me where you got those spectacles?
Hiacheius: Oh these?
Hiacheius: I erg er umm made them myself: an an an Inv in inv invention of s-s-s-orts.
Hiacheius: They helped me see up close until I made them b-b-better.
Hiacheius: Now I can s-s-s-see far away too.
Hiacheius: My eyes are old and t-t-t-tired.
Hiacheius: Are you B-b-blind too?
Hiacheius: I could make you a p-p-pair, if you want them.
Hiacheius: You have to tell folks t-t-they came from m-m-me though.
Hiacheius: Oh, and I will n-n-n-eed a diamond crystal to cut the glass, amd a l-l-l-ump of g-g-gold ore to make a f-frame for them.
YOU: Here are the items as requested, one gold ore and one diamond crystal.
Hiacheius: Oh, back so s-s-soon?
Hiacheius: You work fast.
Hiacheius: I will n-n-n-eed some time to work.
Hiacheius: I'll give you a riddle, you ponder about it while I work and when you come b-b-b-ack with the right answer I will give you the glasses f-f-f-ree.
Hiacheius: If not, they w-w-will cost you two thousand tria.
Hiacheius: Here is your riddle: M-m-m-egaras are the largest flying creatures in Yliakum.
Hiacheius: What were the largest flying creatures in Yliakum before Megaras were discovered?
YOU: Megaras
Hiacheius: That is true!
Hiacheius: Haha you-you’re not as d-dumb as you look, good Ynnwn!
→ Go to Hinoserri
YOU: I got you a pair of spectacles.
Hinoserri: Here goes nothing.
-Hinoserri puts on the eyewear.-
Hinoserri: By the gods, it is a miracle!
Hinoserri: I can see fine now, and way past the bridge!
Hinoserri: I hope whatever devil you had to bargain with did not require too much of you.
Hinoserri: These could never compensate for what you have given me, but you might find use for them.
-Hinoserri hands over a small coin sack.-
Rewards: 1 Sunshine Squadron Badge, 9922 Tria, 12200 XP.