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His Brother's Riddle
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Lerok Dilechi
YOU: Do you want to send me on a quest?
Lerok: A quest?
Lerok: No.
Lerok: I have no quests at this time.
-Lerok scratches his beard.-
Lerok: Although you look like a smart Enkidukai, and I've been pondering this riddle for a while.
Lerok: Think you could help me solve it?
YOU: I am ready let me hear it.
Lerok: Okay, here's the riddle.
Lerok: “At a feast, the 20 Vigesimi of the Lower Fields level sit at a round table.
Lerok: Each of them clinks a mug with the Vigesimi on his or her left, and with the Vigesimi on his or her right.
Lerok: How many clinks would you hear?” Come back to me with the answer.
Lerok: If you don't know, you can try to “tell the riddle” to any clever people or people who know about riddles and see if they can help you.
Lerok: Good luck!
YOU: Twenty clinks.
Lerok: Wait, 20?
Lerok: Why yes, of course.
Lerok: I was thinking 40, but yes, each clink is shared by two Vigesimi so I would divide.
Lerok: I, as an engineer, should have figured that out.
Lerok: Thanks for your help!
Lerok: Now I can go back to work with renewed concentration.
Lerok: Why not take these?
Lerok: I thought they'd help protect my arms if they got caught in the gears, but their weight just slows me down.
Rewards: 1 Faith glyph, 20 Faction with Science Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.